Belated Happy 2012!

HAPPY 2 0 1 2 !

If 3rd January is not too late to post about new year, I would like to reminisce what 2011 meant to me, and about where i hang my hopes up for 2012.

It has been one thrilling year. One round year of living abroad in Singapore, away from everything familiar and friendly, and I am proud to say I have no regrets for this year. Well at least i can’t think of one. In fact it has been such a meaningful year, where I:

-Got to see my favorite band’s concert,

– Attended brother’s wedding,

-Moving house with own effort,

-Met some really great friends who I grew very close to,

-Learning heaps of knowledge from the ongoing internship,

-Had an almost full piggy bank,

-Finally able to produce some penny on my own,

-Watched some really good titles of movies,

-Grew closer to Daddy,

-Adopted two puppies,

-Had a lot of me-time the past 3 months,

-Learnt to swim,

-Finished diploma classroom course,

-Had super fun on new year’s eve,

-and lots of other things my sleepy brain cannot comprehend at this moment.

Particularly, daily life in 2011 is monotone, until September where internship started. I think internship helps me to value time in a whole new perspective. Imagine having only 25 percent of free time in one week, compared to easy-go-movie type of life during classroom days. But it’s totally fine now, we all get used to new things eventually. Although if you ask me to choose between classroom or workplace, I absent-mindedly will go for classroom. Ha!

There goes the 2011. Thanks for the great memories!


-save more money,

-exercise more,

-shop very very wisely,

-cook more,

-eat often at home,

-tell mum i love her every day,

-virtual kiss/hug dad from skype often,

-continue bachelor degree,

-go to park/garden/beach for me-time,

-donate more,

-visit temple often,

-meet new friends,

-donate some of unused clothes,

-lose xx kgs,

-travel somewhere alone,


ps; above are not resolutions. It will serve merely as a reminder of things i would like to do this year. I don’t like the pressure of having resolutions to complete. :\

15 balloons for 15 wish-to-do.

-Happy New Year, people! 


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