It’s the Dragon year! I’m not sure if i believe in myth or feng shui whatsoever, but it is said that monkey has no good business for this year. Bummer much. Nothing to do here.

Anyways, what’s so special about Chinese New Year when you’re not with your family? Right, nothing. So i decided to just take the CNY holidays as my normal days off. Y’ know, walking around city, eat some good sinful treats, and buying nonsense.

the first splurge of dragon year for the two days break. fml so much. lol but they are on sale! (self defense), and i support my favorite artists! (useless self defense). Oh my dragon please help me stop shopping or buying or just stop me from entering shopping mall.

-Alright, back to work work work! 



  1. Amelia · February 1, 2012

    cute candies :D and Happy late CHinese new year :D

    • Jennifer Lim · February 1, 2012

      Happy Chinese New Year to you too!
      Thanks for stopping by. :)

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