Rainbow After The Monday


I have been really blue on Monday. Works were piling and lots of silly mistakes were made while I was hungover from Natas Fair. Good thing today is my day off. I wake up real early today to do some things, and decided to take a solo trip down Ann Siang Hill. Why of all time I did not bring my camera. Here goes, the only pic of the day I took from my phone and cheat instagram-ed on Picasa.

Rainbow Cake from Le Chocolat Café

Craving for a rainbow cake (well actually just any dessert) earlier when I saw ladyironchef tweeted about rainbow pancakes. A girl happened to know the whereabouts of a slice of rainbow cake! :)

The location of Le Chocolat Café is perhaps not specifically a cafe by its own, it’s actually located inside a boutique hotel, The Club Boutique Hotel. The ambience of the cafe is so naise! I can picture hanging with girlfriends on a quiet weekday in there. I loved the Rosemary Chicken sandwich I had as lunch (upper right on pic is the leftovers lol), but the rainbow cake is just an average colored sponge cake with nothing really special. It’s a feast for the eye though not really for the tongue. Will go back to Ann Siang Hill again for cafe adventures. Or maybe Dempsey Hill ? With proper camera. *fist-air*

After the brunch combined with high tea time, went to Grand Cathay for some movie time. Watched Hugo, a tad bit disappointed as I was expecting an adventure of magical world and sorts. The story was rather distorted in some places, though it still had the moral lessons. Then I found out the producer was Johnny Depp when I saw the credit, and I thought “No wonder, I never get along with Johnny’s production.”

They always say stressed spelled backwards is desserts, well today a dessert save my day.  Hopefully the good vibes will last long. Tomorrow the “paused” work will resume  to it’s status and I really hope I can manage well.

I leave you guys with the newest video collection of skydiving. Hauntingly beautiful and freeing.

Experience Freedom.

-Have some peace in mind, soul, and heart. 


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