It’s A Normal Sunday.

15.30 hrs.  Office Desk. Raining.

Me : “Hello, can I help you with anything Sir?”

Customer : ” I want to enquire about your Taiwan tour.”

Me : “Sure, have a seat and I will explain to you of our available tours.”

After 30 minutes of explaining Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

*phone rings*

Customer : “Excuse me. Hello baby. I’m at travel agency uhh.. I think second floor. Oh it stopped raining? Ok  I’ll be there in a sec. No I was just asking stuffs while waiting for the rain to let up. Ok bye, see you. ”

And then he packed his items and left without a word.


I’m not mad though,  I just wanted to share the absurd experience.  It’s definitely a normal Sunday .

-Anyway follow my Pinterest!


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