One Dozen Minus One.

Bloody hell. Macaroons from Sweet Spot is the f-ing best. Always hit the spot!

Was shooting from Esplanade last week, and today in the opposite; Marina Bay The Shoppes. I tweaked a lot of the settings like ISO and shutter speed, but ah I still have  a long way to go to fully utilize my cam. At least some improvement hehe.

I’ve lived for one and a half year in Singapore, and I passed by a lot of wonderful sceneries here. It is indeed a vibrant, alive, and metropolitan city. Sometimes we ignore what stood right in front of our eyes too much, that we forgot to appreciate the present time.

Spent the whole day with Dad today, and did some bone check up. Doctor advised me to go on Pilates class -_- seriously, get me a bag of pistachios. Anyway received a good news in the morning, and bad news in the evening. Sdfghafdsgdhf If I’m not in time in doing this stuffs, I’ll be damned! T.T Only this last obstacle, I only need to pass this damn thing before the end of the month. It’s almost mid March. Wha.. zomg I passed 12 days in March so peacefully! I bet it won’t be so in the last two weeks. Roadshow coming towards this weekend. Mmpow.

-God please do Your charm? :( 



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