Because I have been blogging routinely last two weeks, now I feel guilty not updating the space..

Hello from bed! The craziness in travel fair period is over and now I’m so glad I did quite OK back there. ;) I learned a lot  the pass week. Like how politics really happens in workplace, people back stabbing/bad mouthing/making up stories , lifting up their own social appearance etc etc. It truly contributes as quite a memorable experience in this internship. I hope all the hype will be gone soon and we can go back to the peaceful days! Speaking of which, rumor has it that my college is closing down? One of my ex-classmate went there to ask of their bachelor program and they said the progam isn’t available. What the flying fuk? There goes my ‘perfect’ choice for college.

One of the reason I like to post videos in my post is maybe because it makes me decide the title for post so easily. What gives? I’m sure you’ll love this one.

A bit late, but this song is made to commemorate the Tohoku earthquake last year.

and so, why does everyone
cling to the future?
because i know happiness,
I’ve gotta live on
‘Cause now I’m moving on.


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