Carousel Day


Blogging from Marina Bay Sands Hotel room. Should sleep about right now since I have to wake at 4.. but the mind just can’t shut down. Guess I’ll just sleep on plane. Leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow morning , and off for an Europe trip with dad on Monday. Excited much! :) Have been working like one crazy girl, so I guess I deserve a little break..  I just hope I didn’t leave any mess behind on work. Phew. If I can find some wi-fi connections during trip, maybe I’ll try to blog from phone. I’ve prepared a travel diary though! Hehehe I’m too happy to be able to go for the trip. All the hardworks and sweats doing the visas, the anxiousness of waiting the result, etc. It’s paid off :))



-Wait for more travel stories week ahead? Until then, happy holiday for moi! :)

*image and illustration credit to respective owners*


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