Don’t Trip On Me Right Now

Hello! Loving the recent 22C weather here. :)

Been wanting to blog, but got stuck with lots of lazing around. Anyway will be leaving for London then Rome later in the evening, hope everything goes smooth..Dad’s passport got soaked in laundry yesterday, it had the taste of detergent and softener. The UK visa page is hardly seen, so we went to the embassy to ask for advice. But yea right those tards won’t even bother to help you. They just stood there, going all  “Oh God, you can’t possibly use this Visa anymore” , “and I swore I saw the asshole that served us chuckled. Really? We were so frustrated and all you can do is destroy people’s expectation. I know I might be a bit biased, as it’s really an unfortunate accident. But you can at least show some proper compassion OR respect!

Enough with the rumbles, thankfully dad scanned the visa last week (i don’t know why he did it) the numbers, name and passport number are visible so there’s still a possibility that he can go on the trip. Praise the Lord! I really hope they can cut off some slack.. It’s not like we’re forging fake visa/passport. :(  Sigh talking about bad luck..

Been frantically searching Wi-Fi everywhere in HK, but none seems to work. Really, only now that i realize that I have been so depending on internet. I don’t know if i will be able to survive there without being connected to one. :/ Okay will be back after holiday! Dad is queuing for computer -_-

watch this space? cause Stich is.

-One two three spring! 




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