The World As I See It

Resuming back to routine again, or should I say.. adjusting back to routine. We all have the holiday blue, don’t we? I suppose it’s just a matter of time until I finally stop thinking of the other part of the world.

Anyway, just an update, I have emailed London Heathrow lost and found department about my lost phone. Crossing my finger if someone could be kind enough to return my lost phone. It has been 3 days since they last replied my email to ask further about the phone, and I’m not even sure if I can really get it back. Just hoping for the best, really.

During the holiday I was using Dad’s phone to capture everything interesting. I’m actually using Instagram to edit and share my pics there. So if you follow my Instagram (@Jennifrlim), you’d probably seen most of the pics below. I’m not posting the camera pics as I personally think it’s too ‘heavy’ to fit in the blog. So if you are keen to see the 300+ raw pics from my camera, please head to my Facebook. (available for friends to view only) :)

Prepare for the longest photo post in the history of this blog!

The leaning Pisa tower, the only picture taken in Italy. seeing people posing here.. truly joy. lol

Innsbruck, Austria. Probably my favorite town of all the places.. Why? The atmosphere there is magical. Looks like a city out a fairytale. I guess you need to be there to know better. :)

Houses at Innsbruck.Colorful much? And look at the mountains spreading out behind the houses!

Road to Luzern, Switzerland. truly land of pampered cow! No wonder they have amazing dairy products, the producers live in such happy place.

Easter in Luzern, Switzerland. The two giant easter chocolate was given to me and my sister by our tour guide. How thougtful!

Breakfast at hotel.What we ate for breakfast everyday. Yum for the first week, and you’ll start missing Nasi Lemak / Fried Bee Hoon latter.

Cuckoo clock shop. Luzerne, Switzerland

View from cable car to Mt. Titlis. Congratulations! I have finally saw, touched, felt and ate snow! IT WAS FREEZING but amazing.

Novelty shop in Liechtenstein. Noticed that German people loves 9GAG, AND boobs. lol they literally sell postcards of success kid, forever alone, and nude pics.

me & sis. she hates to camwhore. don’t ask me why.

Random flowers on gas station. So we basically went to each places by coach, which means we also went to plenty gas stations. Best part of it was to drink a cuppa hot soup bought from vending machine, and strolled around the supermarket to see different products they have on each country. Cold pasta and cup fruits were popular!

Limitless Sky. What makes the sky in Europe so darn beautiful? i can’t even count how many pictures of sky i took on the trip. It just seemed so endless, blue, sometimes gray, happy and sad at the same time. Beautiful.

Garden view from  Hotel. this was taken on 7AM. was sleepy and right away energized when i saw this view..

Peach and Brogues

Sunrise. Was thrilled to have the sun in your body over there. Felt so warm and nice, soothed right to the bone.

Road to France.. Endless flower field

One of the things i always found at gas stations

Eiffel from afar.. I was sleeping on the road to Paris, then people in the bus started making noise and cameras start clicking. I woke up to find that we arrive in Paris, and on my right hand side, i can already see the Eiffel Tower towering so mighty beyond any building. You know that feeling when you watch a Disney movie and finally they had their happy ending, it felt warm and fuzzy, and sorta surreal.

Keychains. Who are you kidding me. I bought 10 of these for 1 euros, and foolishly thought this was enough. Now that I’m back, I think I need to go back and snug in 5 more Euros. And I also thoroughly regret for not buying the 15cm Eiffel Tower. Sucks.

Friends from my tour, and yup. This 15 cm Eiffel tower. T.T

Chateau de Versailles. I was following a tour by a Hong Kong travel agency, so you go figure the language they use to conduct the tour. Cantonese. Basically all the tours (yes ALL) was conducted in Cantonese, so i barely understand anything. Dad was too irritated to explain every single word to me so I just stay still and well duh, got busy with my own world. Including in this Palace of Versailles tour.

Galleries La Fayette. The irony is we didn’t went here. We just went to the Tour Montparnasse, and to the shopping mall next to it; Printemps. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed with the Paris itinerary. We didn’t go to Eiffel Tower (which results we went ourselves to during our short free time), we was really really rushed to see things. No more complaints, maybe they are meant to be seen next time around.

Khaki and brogues. Average temperature in Paris was 15 degree, but i kind of ran out of attire so I needed to wear these khakis. They were comfortable but very cold-prone. Thank God I wore a thick knit behind it.
Laduree Macarons. This was bites of heaven. Enough said.
Laduree Cakes. Only that their prices were not that ‘heaven’.
More Laduree. The packages were beautiful!
Laduree Stall @ Printemps. I haven’t got the chance to visit Maison Laduree at Rue Champ Ellyses, as I mentioned how little time I had in Paris. But well at least some bites of its macarons filled my curiosity of the famous pastry.
Pug @ Printemps. You can always bring your dog to shop in shopping malls. No, I trust the dogs won’t bite off/ pee / poo the displayed Coach bags and all.. no..
Peony & Moss by Jo Malone. It was originated from London, but I bought it in Paris because this is sold out in London. Question; where do I find my second bottle once this is done for? *yes, i’m obsessed with this scent*
Paris street view. Taken on the morning when about to leave Paris.
Godiva shop in Brugge, Belgium. I’d never buy any Godiva crazy overpriced chocs in Singapore / Indonesia. But when you get there and the price was broke down to 12 euros/box..
Brugge, Belgium. Brugge was a small city filled with traditional charms.. I love the buildings here.
Boat Ride at Brugge’s river. Took a boat ride for 7.5 euros in our free time. I almost can’t believe it when I saw all the geese flocking around in that specific green patch. Odette! Where are you??
Chocolates from Brugge. I don’t think I wanted to buy the penis shaped chocolate. Nobody would like to eat those. lol.
Manneken Pis at Brussels, Belgium. Famous landmark of Brussels
Fraise Au Chocolate. Strawberries dipped in original Godiva milk chocolate? YES10000X please!
Waffle stall. Waffles displayed here are all edible. nom!
Brussels street
Hello again, hehe.
Floriade Venlo, Netherlands. the most boring part of the trip i must say.. haha nothing much to see here except you are plant lovers. yes plant. flowers? little.
Yellow Tulips at Floriade Venlo
Windmill at Amsterdam. Amazing weather we got here.
Almost last day. Outfit worn to catch a flight to London.
Telephone boxes in London, UK. The only shot from London that managed to get in to Instagram. Because the phone was dead.
And finally, it’s time to fly back. These two daughters were literally snoring when the dad took pic. Hahaha.
Polaroids Memories. Brought 5 boxes for e trip, only 60% of it was decent shots. Some were blurry, furry, horrid expression, etc. :p
Okay so sleepy right now. Summarization : Best trip ever. :) Thanks Daddy, we love you.
Type soon.
*All pictures in this blog post were taken by me. Please link me back or credit me if you want to use it. :)* 

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