Words of Possibilities

Been staring at this blank page for idk how many long. In office from 9 to 6 this morning, and it has been a quiet one. Very quiet that I suddenly find myself lurking to write something.  No materials popped up to this small brain, nothing worth rambling or excited about. Then after a good lurking around, I thought “why do I struggle to find things to write? i write what i think.” Then the mind begins to contemplate of time. Past time, current time, future time.

To and fro, it’s mid of May and we are crawling towards the second quarter of 2012. Strangely, however fast the time pass doesn’t surprise me that much now. Back from Medan for short breaks, and I am drawn back to the working days. Intrigued, I think of the realization that I have less than half a year to stay in the company , 4 months exactly. Not that long of a time. I begin to think of where I will stand next year on this very same time. The idea of continuing study is still in the first rank surely, but where.. and what? You might think I figured all my goals in life when I decided to choose my current major and all, but frankly though I think a lot of my fellow international student pals feels the same way as I do right now. Hollow, doubtful, and wanting more. Maybe it is about the fickle personality that dawns back after being used to the surroundings.. Maybe it is the need to want different days, or different ideas. Mum always says “Whatever you do, do with all your heart. You will be pleased of your work, and yourself.” I wish I can still take the words in my every action everyday.

Ellen enlighten me today. She always do.

“Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”

My journey has been an exceptional one lately. Traveling 6000 over miles to the other continent, which I’ve never once thought to be able to do anytime near. But i did, and it was a marvel experience. To be loved and to be able to love so many heartwarming friends and families back in hometown (and here).  Perhaps it has been too amazing, all the joyous air I breathe in, that once I settle back to the reality I feel awkward. Awkward in a good way, where I actually opened my eyes to the endless possibilities I can do in near future. I’m excited because I have plans in minds, one that shouldn’t be very hard to execute if I am determined and set for it. I should thank Dad, once again, for the lots of traveling he allowed me to do lately. To thank God, for letting all the problems and mischief comes into my days; because I learned a lot and picked fruitful lessons from it. I learned to be brave, to be open and honest to myself. If anything, I would have do a lot more travel in future days. Travel is food for the soul, indeed..

I love my life. I love it to the tiniest unhappy bits.

-Breathe in all the possibilities.


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