So I forgot to put on a title to this post yesterday..

No, the video has no relation to the previous post even though they has similar title. Was drifting around youtube when i found this piece. Mmmm quality R&B back those days.. Swear words were barely audible, Kanye rapped smoothly, and Estelle didn’t even dress slutty (or dress nothing) to state “I’m sexy and I know it” .

It’s getting reaaaaaally major critical hot in town. It’s night time and the outside heat is like so sticky humid 30 degree hot. Eergh cannot say I really like Singapore in this condition. I got severe migrain after I came back from work, partly because of the heat, partly was just normal tired I guess.. I hope the weather calms down a little. At least go back to the normal 25 degree. :(

So sleepy and tired these days that snoozing for 8 straight hours still doesn’t do me much good. I think I need cakes.

Poster for thought. 

Anyway, discovered the show with Ze Frank on youtube, thanks to Jason’s journal. The dude is inspiring in every single possible-duh way. You’ll find out.

Hope you have a nice week. Mine will be dull in comparison.

-Everybody lies. Act accordingly. ( Twitter Life Advice ) 


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