I was half asleep when I stumble across this song. Found it a couple months ago but wasn’t really paying attention to all the lyrics and melodies. The lyric video is just so raw, beautiful, and so.. Christina Perri. Did you notice that Jason actually advertised his single in one point? :))

It’s 30th May, and so I have exactly a month before Jason’s concert in Singapore. Currently I have yet to find any friend to accompany me to go to the concert. Not that I mind going alone (i can do that the second time), but I am just wondering if there’s none of my friend who shares the same music taste with me.. Or maybe I am just being another hyper fangirl. Meh. I also sincerely hope my album package arrives before the concert. Sigh, ordering items from overseas is really damn exasperating. The anticipation when you opens the mailbox every time, the disappointed feelings when you see the rectangular can is empty, and the angry and anxious thoughts of the stuffs whereabout.. It’s the waiting that is killing me more than  the cray-cray postage fees.

Anyway I got the chance to have off days on weekend, YES! That’s right, this saturday and sunday i’m actually going to be free from shifts, so cheers for a finally normal girls day out.  And oh oh, just in time I think Oakham Market is having massive Doc Marts collection this weekend so you can bet I’m heading there! I’m so excited already thinking of the cheaps-cheaps I can steal. Haha I’m so weird, planning on a weekend like I never had one (err you can say so..)

Hope you guys have a great week! And yeah after such a long long time, I can say “I cannot wait until it’s weekend!” <3

-and how long can we keep this up?


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