In +ness We Trust.

Ah, life is wonderful.
I’ve been reading numerous blogs and inspirational writings lately. All provoked by reading the old journal of Freshness Factor Five Thousand. I have also subscribed to receive daily inspirational emails from The Daily Love and The Universe. Yepsie, an email from universe. :)

Jump to the present, weathers and too many fritters crashed my immune system the last few days. Remember when you were in school, and when you feel like you’re gonna get sick soon, you did all you can to make the sickness really occured. Just so you can skip class with a legit reason. Then you will get an awesome day off curled up in bed, eating chocolates and watching movies behind mthe sheets. Plus if Mum is in prime mood, be prepared to be pampered. Oh joy. That is probably not the case for myself this moment. I wish I can still do that though. I wish I can still act sick and try to convince Mum that I am too sick for school/work. But life revolves. More importantly; WORK revolves. After almost 20 years in this world, I can honestly say now I hate being sick. I hate thinking that I need to go a doctor to get a legit reason for skipping work. And I need fo pay for it. Blergh.

So no matter how clogged up my nose or how my body ache when I woke up today, I told myself “You are gonna get up. You are gonna go to work like a boss. Okay not a boss. Like an employee of the month. And you’re gonna feel better by the end of the day. So suck it up.”  And so I did go to work, feeling slightly drowsy and lightheaded. I passed by the day repeating the mantra and here I am, resting on the couch and hoping tomorrow the sickness will finally begone. Still snorting here and there, but eventually it will all be good. I shall be able to jump around like a happy kid again tomorrow morning. I am infusing all the positive thoughts in my head as I am typing because you know what? Nothing beats good thoughts and positive vibes. What I am is what I think. If I am to think I will be fine tomorrow, what power in the universe that can stop me from being healthy and joyous? I should feel good just by knowing I’m breathing, walking and speaking my thoughts. . It’s just a few days of headaches and kinky nose to put up with.

Alright I’m off to bed right now. May the power of snoozing and positive thoughts wakes me up fresh and dandy tomorrow. Many loves for ya. :)

– Thoughts become things..choose good ones! (The Universe)


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