“I Made It”

There can hardly be any title  I can think of when I wrote this post. Alright so you guessed it, I had my last day of internship yesterday. On the 17th September to be exact, but we went on a farewell dinner on the 18th.

Gosh where to start.. You know, the funny thing is that, back to several months ago when I was still struggling blood and sweats with my job I had a lot of things to write about. The pain, the lessons, the experience one after another, there was just so much to tell a story from when I thought about it. While it has all comes to the end, I have no way with words to describe the last one year in my life. But let’s try.

Imagine you are a nineteen years old, walking along with the flow of the world, finishing schools and higher education, and then comes the internship programme. The chance to taste a little bit of the real world knocked on your door, and you are to learn everything from scratch. I was scared. I was mortified by the fact that there’s so much thing I didn’t know apart from what the school taught. There are people that I didn’t know. In fact, I didn’t know anybody at all. I was alone in a new world. Sure it was challenging the first few steps, but I guess it’s as normal as it can get when you barely know anything about the industry.

Then everything settles down a bit, I gripped the handle of my job and started to function properly. Of course with errors here and there, and again I am so thankful for the individuals I worked with. Those whom I thought I will never understand what’s going on in their heads, they still help me in every way they can. There has been some bad days occasionally, sometimes I was just a big ball of an emotional wreck, and sometimes I threw my blame to the world. There was also some great time together with the colleagues, the satisfaction you feel when you do your job well, and the smile from your internal and external partners. It’s all a part of it really, and the whole internship thing allows me to improve to a better being; mind you in lots of aspects!

I don’t have any regrets from this experience. If there is I’d probably have it as not giving my best enough, not proving myself in more subjects. Days get hard and long sometimes, but I’ve learned more than just the technical process of my job, though that portrays a big part of it. I’ve also learned how to deal with lots different customers   with different demands. And boy, do I know now that expectation can be a quite troublesome idea.

When things gets rough, customers came yelling and problems revolves on a rotary basis, there was always the voice inside of me that asked me to give up and go home. It’s very easy to think so.  Sometimes it really gets that hard that you want to just slam your head to the desk in front of you. But there was also that small and clear tiny voice that tell me not to give up so soon, and by the end of the day it will all be worth it. I’d be glad I went along and gave the best, I will look back and smile to my old problems. If there were problems, there will always be solutions. If there were mistakes, there will always a way to fix things up. If there were angers in heart, there will always be patience and understanding. If there were tears, there will be just enough time to reflect, digest and wake up as a better me every day.

I worked in a service industry where I met and greet different personalities each day. I worked with fabulous people whom I now can proudly say my good friends for years to come; thanks to Facebook. How am I supposed to sum this great experience up? There are just so many thank yous and gratitude I’m feeling now that is simply so hard to type down on a post. THANK YOU for the opportunities of being a part of a great family. THANK YOU for giving myself a chance to learn things and  THANK YOU for all the patience and guidance you’ve all given me. It’s been an amazing one year, if not spectacular. I’ve created great memories and learned the most for the last year. And truly made my stay in sweet little red dot fruitful with lessons. I love my life as it is, I love it more each day, and I love it even more today because I know I’ve accomplished yet another milestone in my early heydays. :)

I’m raising my right hand, across my head and touching my back shoulder twice. Oh and I was saying “You made it.”


Ps: I typed this on 4 AM, so please don’t cuss my grammar or sentence structure. I just don’t want to write this post on other days; where the amount of gratefulness I have has lessen. :)

Good night, beautiful world. Sealing another chapter of my life with fluffy ribbon.



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