Update from Snug City

As in snuggling 24/7 with my two puppies and getting licked for wake up calls every morning.

Life has been very calm and composed in hometown, despise all the hustle of applying/enrolling for university. /sigh. Fortunately there’s been some light on the matter lately, and really, just hoping for the best.

So this is what it feels like;having holiday (or hiatus) for 3 long months. It’s basically eating, watching, snuggling, eating and so on.. I was up to the point that one of these day I’m going to like, just lie flat on the floor all day because of the nothingness to do. I almost did that today if not for the loud mailman calling for delivery. Tsk. Thankfully I can still go out with the friends every other day in the week when they’re not busy. Halloween party was meh, the dressing up was fun though. Went to support Oliv’s modeling competition, packed and sweaty spectators, and she scored the runner up! (YAYS) and then yup all eating spree, and no exercise. BTW one thing I’m getting used to when I met old friend/relatives/some nosy food vendors around the house, is how they greeted me with a sentence that consists of  “wow”,”gained”,” a lot”,”weight”,”look”,”fat” . LOL as if I didn’t know better. so I replied them with a smirky smile that says almost practically everything. Being a girl going abroad and having freedom to eat WHATEVS they want for two years, I’d be surprised if I lost pound. But really though, I’m getting sick of the comments, or even worse, the nasty faces some people rudely throws.

Yes anyway Saturday is boring and I streamed a lot of Ellen Show and Ed Sheeran’s new video. Do watch.



Cheers to days of nothingness and cuddle fiesta. Ciao till the next post. Don’t know when.



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