Peacetime Resistance

Feeling the comfort of eyes is your sole intention
We all wanna be understood unconditionally
But you have to realize that a viewer needs distance
And the moment your wall melts down the inside is outside

Maybe way back in the past, when people were different
Shortening bonds made them last
Now we emphasize our difference
We have been enrolled one by one for peacetime resistance
And we’re fighting our battles alone

We’ve got four eyes, so why yearn for one perspective?
We’ve got colours with shades erased when blended
We’ve got four eyes, so why yearn for one perspective?
We’ve got colours, but they disappear when blended

Kings of Convenience



Buxton, Derbyshire 

Getting overwhelmed by the pace of life recently. Almost two months residing in the UK, finally getting used to things and weather.. God knows why my sinusitis miraculously managed to survive through thick snow and wind here. Uni has been great and homework is (finally) coming into my life again after years. Not sure whether to feel excited or not about that.

Life here is peaceful, serene, and tranquil. The total opposite of bustling Singapore. In my town there’s no grandeur shopping mall or a commercial cinema. Probably explains why it’s very quiet here. If feeling a little bit town-ish that day, we need to ride train or bus to the neighboring town and spend a whole day there. Saying I don’t miss the metropolitan life in Singapore would be a total BS, considering friends and everything familiar is scattered within distance there. Homesick is inevitable for us international students. 7 hours of time difference doesn’t make things easier too.

But then again, time makes things goes by. Missing things isn’t a bad thing. It just serves as a reminder that you had a great time back there. Thus I’m striving to be grateful thoroughly of what I have now. It all starts with the little things, really. I love how people are so friendly in my town. I love my University. I love the cakes here! I love jacket potatoes and beans. I love tea now, it’s getting to me so bad I have to drink a cuppa everyday. I love charity shoppings, so cheap to the point I can’t believe it. I love the fact I have my own room now, which I crazy decorated with stuffs. I love looking at caucasian toddlers everywhere. I love the parks and gardens here. I love the weather, I honestly don’t miss the scorching hot tropical sun so much. I love how I live in such close proximity to big towns where all the happenings happened. So many things I love in UK, but I suppose it’s still too early to say I love UK in whole. We’ll keep that for future reference. :’)

And yeah, I’ve been adjusting, and I still am adjusting. I bet there’s still so many things to discover in near days, so I’ll try my best to keep this space alive. Though it’s not easy in so many circumstances.. (eep excuses here we go)

Talk to you loves soon. x :)


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