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favorite of the week. breathtakingly beautiful melody.


Week of Discoveries

Amidst all the work and pressure staggering the few weeks before assignment deadline, here are some things/musics/books/thingamabobs that I have stuck in my head.


i am on this life stage of wanting to mark my skin with ink for a purpose, because all of these homemade tattoos by Miso are just so beautiful in its form of femininity and subtlety. Dad’s probably not gonna approve, but who knows in 5 more years if I am still on this stage, I’ll dive head first.

or probably just going through the whole young adult process.

Finished the Divergent series in two days and i was sad and heart broken on closing the last book, but regained my sense and accepts the ending as it is this morning. 1) I love the series. I truly do. And knowing Shailene Woodley and Theo James as Tris and Four made the whole reading experience more enjoyable; because I personally think they fit the bill perfectly. 2) I understand where Veronica (the author) was coming from in concluding the series and I appreciate how she wrote an explanation on the whole “controversial ending” for us lost soul. It was still a well written book, with some worthwhile values to digest and remember. Overall, i have come in peace with the ending. Though I won’t object at all if it is written differently, in a happier life scale.:’) Now I can’t wait for the movie next spring!

Monday’s boring. Back to work. Have a nice week. x


Imagine The Dragons

Imagine Dragons 14 November 2013.

Two and a half hour queue, 4inch boots to piss people behind me and sore everywhere.
One of the best gig I’ve ever attended. Unbelievable energy from the crowd and it’s as if the band absorbs back all the screams and shouts and songs back from us.

Radioactive performed live = amazing.
Radioactive sung by the audience to call the band out for an Encore = Fucking bloody hell fantastically amazing.
I wish someone took a video and upload that moment. #gigstory

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10 Nov ’13.

It was a spontaneous walk up here when I only planned to take a stroll in the park. That snap decision took my legs for a 40 minutes hike to the top by myself, struggling to catch my breath but grateful to have my hot water flask with me.

By 4.30 PM it was pitch black, 5°, the crescent moon was glowing and I maintained to calm myself down after 20 minutes of trying to find my way back. I met a man who was kind enough to walk with me for the rest of the trip down to civilization, we talked about foods, Christmas, we walked in silence, and we talked some more.

It was the kind of day when you decided to take chances on, come what may.
Long sobering walk, tasting victory when you reach the top, being in complete paralysed state knowing you’re lost in the dark woods, made new friend to remind you of this day.

Take chances.

“I’ll see the veins of my city like they do in space.” – at Solomon’s Temple

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