What To Expect When You’re Expecting

…expecting a great month, that is. Don’t get all the weird ideas flowing in your head.

So here we are, on the top of September. New month ready to start fresh and spirited.. But before we get any further, what WAS on August?


Well, I was proud of myself of the last 31 days. Proud as in not arrogant-proud, but more of a grateful-proud. You’ll see why. Basically, I live more consciously. I exercised a bunch more often, like twice or thrice a week. Short 30 minutes run and a 10 minute steam bath, no excuses even after I finished a tiring day and knocked off work at 8PM. Not to specifically accomplish any goal, but mainly to just do my body a favor by keeping it good for the long run. Pfftt.

And then, I ate more humbly. To be specific, I lessen my carbs intake and almost rarely had heavy dinner. I did not touch any Fast Food or any instant noodle(for real; not even a pack), I turned my direction towards yummy yoghurts with plenty choices of toppings. To sum it up, I ate healthily.

I also did not use any curse words during those 31 days. Not even a single F-word, D-word, S-word. I learned to be careful with words and to speak by my logic instead of anger. I was patience with my surroundings, call it a rush hour traffic jams, screaming babies, and varieties of attitudes from people. Of course this is not to say August is a trouble-free month. I’ve had ups and downs as equally frustrating at times, but I did not let myself go deep down to self-destruct for long. I happened to manage to stay in circle with grace and love.

All of the above, all of the great commitments I put myself through for the last month, has really taken me by surprise. Why? Because most of them is not even planned for. I was only promising myself to exercise regularly, and eat more consciously. I did not set any limits to not take any junk foods or to not curse/tweet bad words, in fact I would never had imagine myself not stuffing myself with Instant Noodle for a month. But when I evaluated the status that I was at in the middle of the month, only then I realized that I have been indirectly directing myself to a better me. It’s really funny isn’t it? The more you feel grateful of what is in yourself, the more the uni-verse gave you bonuses. Can I get an Amen for that? Winning.

I do not intend to make any promises that I cannot keep. So in the next months ahead, I wouldn’t say I can fulfill everything I’ve done on August. But commitments of such is not the only thing to improve oneself right? I believe that so long as I keep my way straight and believe in what’s best for me self, I am already a better me. :)  So thank you, August. Thank you so very much for being such a fruitful month where I introspected myself more than anytime. See you soon.

Ah my God, yabba-dabbido whee we were talking about September, right…? Yeah I strayed way back to just remind myself in the future for these rare accomplishments. *grin*

SO what do you expect when you are expecting September? Let’s see.

  • 3rd September -Universal Studio Singapore trip with girlfriends *FREE TICKETS DINGDONGDING*
  • 4th September – Yours truly’s *ahem* 20th Birthday!
  • 10th September -Ingrid Michaelson Live in Singapore, The Script #3 album release, Ellen DeGeneres Season 10 premiere. (triple jackpots. I can feel it; best.day.evarrr.)
  • 15th September -IELTS test. Not sure what to feel about this one.
  • 18th September -Last day of internship. Don’t know what to feel about this too. I have a feeling you’ll see a more elaborated post on this one.
  • 22nd September -Daddy’s Birthday!
  • 23-27th September -Propose date for Bali/Bangkok Trip with girlfriends<3
  • 29th September -BigBang Alive Tour!
  • GREAT WEATHER FULL FORCE. Go sweaters, jumpers and knits.

And.. that’s all I can think of right now. Seeing that list, I feel grateful already. Immensely thankful and positive to start this awesome month.  Here’s to great awesomazing months of forever. Cheers to The Great September.


ps: I wrote a hell of a long post. That’s one accomplishment for September.

pps: I lost 4 pounds on August. Big whoop-dee-doop high five.



Almost There

I have exactly a month before I finish my internship. Shall this month be a memorable and fruitful month, full of celebration of life, love and celebration itself..

At the meantime, keep cooking up the pot of love and happiness I’m indulging in lately. I’m almost there.


-And when I’m there, I’ll go out dancing, prancing and thanking. ;o) 

Like A Star Across My Sky

Hello there,and yes as for the title above, i’m still madly in love with Corinne Bailey Rae’s tunes. :)

Entering mid August and i must say this month has been pretty smooth and tender. I’ve got some really good news that made my second week of August awesome! First is that i secured my attachment at a travel agent. I know on my prev post i mentioned being interviewed at hotel, but due to some circumstances, i decided to flip another chance and give a shot at another company. At this travel agent, my position is as  a travel consultant. Now now it might sound all flamboyant and “consultant” like, but trust me, this work field is new and fresh for me. As much as i am doing well in class, I’m not really sure if i can pull it off well at real life? Let’s just leave it at September, then. Anyhow i am relieved, frustrate free, and at ease that i have my attachment ready to roll :D

For the fourth time in (almost) a year  i’m gg back to hometown. yay. lol but what should i do? i have like two weeks of holiday, it would be like so much better to spend the holy days at hometown hanging around with buddies, and my puppies! Omg i really lost track of days. I promised to write about my puppies didn’t i? So about them, my mum adopted them a month ago, Shih-tzu breed and they have this golden adorable brown fur :D Remember the times when i always whined about how much i wanted a puppy to keep? hehehehe so proud to say that i am now a partial owner of two puppies! Why two? Because mum doesn’t want the puppy to be lonely when she went out to work. :D

so here goes:

Corner left is Sachiko. (from Japanese 幸 (sachi) “happiness” and 子 (ko) “child”.) called Sachi for short :) He’s the naughty troublemaker big brother!

Corner right is Michiko. ( from Japanese 美 (mi) “beautiful”, 智 (chi) “wisdom, intellect” and 子 (ko) “child”.) called Michi for short. This fella; eats a lot.

Both are boys btw, if wondering why are their names so girly? Well well, it just rings the bell and i love the names. So, who cares :p. Can’t freaking wait to see them soon!!

To justify myself, i am going back to Medan to have loads of fun before the internship starts. Most probably i won’t be going back (or anywhere) during the 12 months of internship :( I really hope everything goes smoothly until the very end though. My classroom course is wrapping up very soon, and it’s like a direct highway to real working place starting mid september! yikes!

Bloody 2Am and i have class from 8.30 to 5.30 tomorrow. So, bye for now chicks!

-Listen to me at Heello! :) 






I stood in front of the mirror today. Thinking to myself; where would this girl be in the next five years. Will her face change? Will her hair become the bang-less, career woman style? Will she finally… know what she wants in life, after all this mess and uncertainties?

Then i spotted some of these cute pimples slumber partying on my forehead. A few days ago, i had this bloated nose because of a massive pimple growing inside my right side nose. It’s not only hard to sneeze, cough, rubbing my nose or so, but blackheads seems to be joining the fun on my nose-misery-story. One week, i struggle with the pimple and it finally healed itself a couple days ago, leaving my nose as smooth and clear as ever, only to bring a new set of pimple formation on my forehead. Funny much.

Troubles comes one after another. But it doesn’t mean that it won’t be solved. Everything has it’s own time to shine and lesson to learn about.

Like how I need to really learn to wash my face properly after i did make-up to prevent pimples. ;)


-Economy is rising steady on the third of August!





The Happy Thing For August.

How do you define happy?  Money? Power? Peers?

I think it’s more than just that. It’s the little thing that actually matter most. Like a smile on other people’s face, sitting by the window watching rain pours down, licking an ice cream, or any other random things. Those little things doesn’t really happens everyday now, beaten up by our hectic lifestyle and ignorance. I found this really “Happy” twitter account, listing down every little things that we should be/ are happy about, written in undeniably witty way and less than 140 chars. So, what are you waiting for? Go follow @TheHappyThing and be happy! :)

Back to life, it’s now first of August. My my. Time has just been…overwhelming these past months. Whatever happened seems to be moving in such accelerated velocity. Blimey, I can’t hardly recall what i did last week. It would be as fine if it’s only time that speeds up, but sad to say, my expenditure has been catching up as equally fast with time. I don’t even know how to explain it. July, well yes Mummy and buddies came and some really hardcore excursions are inevitable. But still, it is really painful now; at the early of a new month,calculating all the expenses i made. Heartbreaking. Heart-wrenching. You never know a good thing ’till it’s gone? Tell me about it.

So August, together with the fasting month for the Muslims, you are going to be a tight month. The month where i will be an outcast, in order to save me from any financial crisis (which is..well not far), August is going to be the time where I will devote most of time sitting in living room, blogging, socializing, and the it’s-best-to-stay-out-of-the-mall era.

Can you do that, J? Hopefully and I am determined.

Another topic, short one. I had an outing with @dricmushroom yesterday and today. (count 30-31st of July) watched Captain America and it was pretty much the typical Marvel movie dose you get every time. Except; Chris Evans is hot; period.

My new Winona Gelaskins

Christine’s Volcano Gelaskins

Check out where i got these super awesome phone re-stickable stickers here :)

I think that’s all I’m gonna write for now. A pretty long head start for August, aye ? And oh! maybe some wishlist for August will do me well!

– Secure a nice decent internship altogether with finishing my diploma course *flawlessly*

-Mummy being more patient with Sachi and Michi. (new puppies, will talk abt ’em on next post ;D )

-Some serious weight-loss

-Tickets. to medan or anywhere in early September

-To finally visit Singapore Botanical Garden

-Save 50% of monthly allowance

-To be wiser, smarter, braver and  better. 

Ciao guys ! Happy August alrighty.