Well hello strangers.
I’ve been good, if having 3 months of summer break sounds appealing. I owed the lack of my proper blog post to the infamous Internet connection and a Mac that refuses to boot up and finally died on me. But still, it’s not them, it’s me.
Finally updating the space on my birthday eve to contribute to my “special day commemoration” tradition, so as to still make this blog worth to look back at once in a while. I’m kidding. Maybe.

4th of September marks the birth of moi and the day French marched on the revolution of their country. In different eras of course. When I think about the French revolutionary era, I wonder what twenty-one years do with their life. They sure as hell don’t have Internet back then, which is considerably a blessing towards their mundane activity. I wonder if they run around the fields of lavender and make romantic poetry to court a lady. And I wonder if they wonder how life would be in the next century.

To think of having so many things at our disposal these days, the way we live so conveniently and at ease, sometimes I’m not sure if there is actually anything that I’m lacking of. I may not yet figure out how I will live my life, dang, I’m still thinking of my thesis next term. But I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to study, live and experience life abroad. I may not yet found somebody to be my rock in rough times, but I’m grateful to be surrounded by flocks of wonderful friends and family. And I may not be the most intact and glorious shit in this planet, but I’m grateful for my twenty-one years of existence.
And heeey, Universe, I’m planning to stay here a little longer yeah? :)


So yeah, I’m twenty-one and desperately single. I’m kidding. Maybe.

Happy birthday you lucky lucky one.

The Big Two

Happy Birthday to me.


This year, I can probably say I celebrated my birthday one day earlier by going to the Universal Studios Singapore with friends. Best thing : Tickets cost $6. Best thing 2 : No queues. At all. For real. Best thing 3 : I RODE A ROLLER COASTER! I conquered the chicken side of me and positioned my butt on that red hot seat, and my world went all upside down. Literally freaking upside down, tossed and turned like a slab of bacon in a pan. But boy was it good. And I am proud to say I have rode an outdoor roller coaster (and will gladly do it again) on my teen days. On my very last (nine)teen  day, to be exact. I wonder what took me so long.

I was immensely grateful and happy yesterday, today and hopefully tomorrow. I am grateful of my friends, my girls, my family, my colleagues and every single one of my facebook friends whom a lot I do not recognize at all that takes a little out of their time    to type me well wishes.

Birthday makes you do a lot of thinking, rewinding and missing people. Thoughts like “Where/how/with whom did I celebrate my birthday years ago” “Oh my God has it really been so long” “I wish I can go back and hug those people again” etc etc. And I love how technology (re : facebook) brings up flocks of old friends to come and pop the refresh button in my head, and I just went all nostalgic with the fellow again. I guess that’s just one of the special stud about birthday; it gives you the chance to sip that cup of memories with some sprinkle of love and smiles.

Nineteen birthdays and I have only so much beautiful memories and fruitful setbacks.  Through the tides and turns of every event I was graced by the existence of my friends and family, whom I will never ever tire to say how grateful I am to have. I don’t have any significant other and to be frank; I hardly have the time to wish I had one. My life is already significantly awesome with the way it is, and I can’t even thank Universe enough for giving me what I have. I mean, I would probably take back whatever I have typed once I found someone. But I’ll take care of it later. I wanted to speak as of right now. As a genuinely happy twenty year old ladywoman who wants to try taking the world seriously, and promising herself to be a better person in and outside, and to thoroughly practice gratitude in every moments of life. Go!

This is the letter The Universe gave me today. :)

It’s so going to be my year! :))

Be blessed, lovely souls!

Nineteenth Fourth.

Internet connection suckass here in hometown, so I’m writing the post from phone. So pardon if there’s any mistype or whatsoever.
Today I had my nineteen (mum insisted on 20 but come on.) birthday. Everything was amazing and so full of happiness! This year’s birthday, I got 4 cakes yay! :D I’m so so so grateful to have the most adorable friends in the whole wide world, I couldn’t imagine how would my life in hometown be if I don’t have them around. I love you guys, thanks so much for today! And for those who tweeted, wrote my fb wall, and emailed me for the greetings and wishes; I am really happy to read every single one of the kind thoughts from you guys, so thanks again! :))

Hehehe and for some little random stuffs for my birthday.
19 things I ♥ the most :
1. Rain
2. Dogs
3. Sweaters
4. Fallen Leaves
5. Old Books
6. Soft Cookies
7. Sate Padang
8. Small Stuffed Animals
9. Starbucks
10. Sausage
11. Sweet Pea Scent
12. Crabtree & Evelyn
13. Dictionary
14. Music Box
15. Tomato Sauce
16. Taeyang
17. Running Man
18. Yiruma

This is not a wish list, but the gift box is sincerely open all the time! Lol
So I guess I’ll be sleeping now. Have a good rest and sleep :) hope you guys have a great day tomorrow.

-Officially Nineteen and smurfin happy.