It’s the Dragon year! I’m not sure if i believe in myth or feng shui whatsoever, but it is said that monkey has no good business for this year. Bummer much. Nothing to do here.

Anyways, what’s so special about Chinese New Year when you’re not with your family? Right, nothing. So i decided to just take the CNY holidays as my normal days off. Y’ know, walking around city, eat some good sinful treats, and buying nonsense.

the first splurge of dragon year for the two days break. fml so much. lol but they are on sale! (self defense), and i support my favorite artists! (useless self defense). Oh my dragon please help me stop shopping or buying or just stop me from entering shopping mall.

-Alright, back to work work work! 

Breeze Away

Today was such a wonderful day. My worries were lifted one by one, and i have long never felt so at ease and relaxed. :) You know the saying that goes ” Everything is gonna be fine in time.”, now that I have experienced it myself, I truly understand what it means. It’s true, sometimes you will feel like the whole world is against you, the fingers are pointing back to your nose, and life just went to the wrong directions. I’ve been there the last week, and it was as miserable as waiting for a doctor to drill your tooth while he sipped his Starbucks. But then he finally finished his coffee and starts drilling before I know. Voila, I’m freaking done from the dental misery.

Alright, down you go problems. I’m sure we will meet again soon. Whatever, bring it on. Now December is snipping away soon, which means January is around the corner, which means Chinese New Year; read:Holiday. 3 days of holiday, I was planning to go to KL to shop away my stress or such, but there were just so many to think of; transportation, accommodation, and my way of getting around the destination. Le sigh. Can you recommend me of what to do during Chinese New Year?  Please. Need something to distract me from work, from home. I miss home so bad, miss this two huggable buddies.

Noticed that Singapore is getting really breezy and comfortable to live in lately. I can wear cardigan almost everyday without being afraid of spa-ing behind the thick knit. Wouldn’t it be bloody awesome if the weather is like this whole year round? Right.. Impossibru, and I am just being so random; catching a topic about weather . Blame the melancholy me during PMS.

Till next post and hopefully I can sum up something good about 2011/2012!


-2AM and should be snoring.