Tote To Go.

Hello, new module started today and days are getting boring.

Went to Daiso to buy some essential stuff. and end up buying some random stuff to DIY again. So today i bought a plain tote bag, some embellishments and lace. Got home and was about to iron press the embellishments to the tote; and guess what. The iron is gone. *sigh* Due to some circumstances. -_- But i was so eager to perk the tote bag, so i used my hair straightener (thinking that the principle they has is the same; a plate of iron heated by electricity to smoothen something), and it works perfectly fine. ;D

Here goes goes ;




ps: pictures taken with my powershot G11, yes 600D is awesome. But let’s not forget; i have my own goodie shooter as well :) 

details; ribbon tied on the tag, some iron press embellishments and fabric cut to my initial, and all laced up tote handles. Not very much, trying to keep it simple and right. It fits my college books, laptop(+ it’s wires), and my other thingy wingy! I am so going to love this personalized tote ;) So howdya think?

leftover pic with leftover ingredient

Type to you again later!









Poohcketful of Sunshine

Yesterday was just like the ordinary weekend, lazing around at home watching movies. The idea for saturday & sunday was re-watching Prison Break. By sunday 8pm, first season was finished and no more Scofield in stock to watch. Waiting for my friend to transfer the rest of the seasons, and hope it’ll be chop chop :)

Oh, additional activity, i actually did some DIY stuff :D Not much, just a pocket pouch to put my transportation and access card to apartment. Combined with a bulky furry Pooh i ‘adopted’ from my friend.

Here goes ;

ps: pictures taken with Christine’s 600D. pretty sleek, huh ?

Ok and that was yesterdays. I can’t believe it’s the third week of June already. My my.Where did all my times went by? Tomorrow am finishing Develop & Implement Budget module, then another two short subjects and welcome holalalalalalaaaliday! Best thing is; Mommy will come; and some pocketful friends will come to have fun. July sounds even more exciting now. Until then, have to finish some assignments for tomorrow.

Have a great week and ciao,loves.

Tea Sunday Pudding

today is pretty normal, just the regular sunday; spent sleeping until late one pm (oops :x) then up for some cooking and lunch. Accompanied Christine bought her baby 600D. (yay more self cameras time lols)

Lesson from today; don’t sleep too much and waste your day on the bed, because today passed in a flick. :( Next week I must rise and shine earlier than normal even though it’s sunday. There’s a lot of thing i have been wanting to do like visiting Singapore Botanical Garden, strolling on Haji Lane/Arab Street, or just reading books quietly. I have spare times but I never fulfilled any of those. I’m literally stuck here in front of Safari and media player. No good.

It’s now 9.47 and i am steaming tea pudding and anxious for the result sigh :3 I basically follow all the ingredients from this site. But since i don’t have any vanilla extract, i exchanged it with a tea bag. tee hee so it’s not a vanilla pudding; but a tea pudding :3 Currently cooling off the puddings and then i’ll put them to the fridge.

Hey the tea puddings turned out pretty nice ;D It’s just the right treat before facing Monday.

At least my Sunday is not at all useless ;)