Spring Won’t You Come Already?

topshopSweaters sweaters sweaters (without coats)  ❤


Monochrome and panther print

topshop2Bright colors for brighter days

– All items from topshop.


I want spring and flowers and green grass and 15 degrees to come, please?



The Happy Thing For August.

How do you define happy?  Money? Power? Peers?

I think it’s more than just that. It’s the little thing that actually matter most. Like a smile on other people’s face, sitting by the window watching rain pours down, licking an ice cream, or any other random things. Those little things doesn’t really happens everyday now, beaten up by our hectic lifestyle and ignorance. I found this really “Happy” twitter account, listing down every little things that we should be/ are happy about, written in undeniably witty way and less than 140 chars. So, what are you waiting for? Go follow @TheHappyThing and be happy! :)

Back to life, it’s now first of August. My my. Time has just been…overwhelming these past months. Whatever happened seems to be moving in such accelerated velocity. Blimey, I can’t hardly recall what i did last week. It would be as fine if it’s only time that speeds up, but sad to say, my expenditure has been catching up as equally fast with time. I don’t even know how to explain it. July, well yes Mummy and buddies came and some really hardcore excursions are inevitable. But still, it is really painful now; at the early of a new month,calculating all the expenses i made. Heartbreaking. Heart-wrenching. You never know a good thing ’till it’s gone? Tell me about it.

So August, together with the fasting month for the Muslims, you are going to be a tight month. The month where i will be an outcast, in order to save me from any financial crisis (which is..well not far), August is going to be the time where I will devote most of time sitting in living room, blogging, socializing, and the it’s-best-to-stay-out-of-the-mall era.

Can you do that, J? Hopefully and I am determined.

Another topic, short one. I had an outing with @dricmushroom yesterday and today. (count 30-31st of July) watched Captain America and it was pretty much the typical Marvel movie dose you get every time. Except; Chris Evans is hot; period.

My new Winona Gelaskins

Christine’s Volcano Gelaskins

Check out where i got these super awesome phone re-stickable stickers here :)

I think that’s all I’m gonna write for now. A pretty long head start for August, aye ? And oh! maybe some wishlist for August will do me well!

– Secure a nice decent internship altogether with finishing my diploma course *flawlessly*

-Mummy being more patient with Sachi and Michi. (new puppies, will talk abt ’em on next post ;D )

-Some serious weight-loss

-Tickets. to medan or anywhere in early September

-To finally visit Singapore Botanical Garden

-Save 50% of monthly allowance

-To be wiser, smarter, braver and  better. 

Ciao guys ! Happy August alrighty.  














Through the fire.

Apart from me being super flustered on the previous post, i think i should really write something decent (and minus swearing) on the page.

How was your long weekend? I hope it was fine and good enough to take a break from the madness around us everyday.

As for me, i am having an awesomely long weekend. Lesse, from friday till the next tuesday. Beginning new module on Wednesday.

I imagined the weekend to be relaxing slouchy days with none to worry about. But likewise I encountered some issue which I preferably do not want to discuss about.

And so that concludes the dreadfulness of my days recently.

I have been [typing] [deleting] \[typing] [deleting] over and over again. I’m too clueless about what i consider as appropriate enough to write here.

This must be the state of confusion, frustration and desperation in one’s life. I wish i could mute the mouths of some people.

Well, they don’t know me that much. Do they?


Have you guys watched Kat & Leopald? Just finished watching it earlier. It actually makes me realize how humans (yea, human not only men) have degraded their values from the past.

Where do you find a man that is “accustomed to stand when a lady leaves a table” , or a man who would write a letter of apology so sincerely that you’d be heartless to not forgive him? haha nevermind, that was definitely so so random. Well if you haven’t watch, then please do. :)

The lights from people’s houses are switched off one by one. Crap, it’s 2 AM. no wonder.

think that’s all. oh and Happy Easters for you who celebrates. :)

-You can’t live a fairytale. period.