February Obsessions



Put On Your Best Dancing Shoes

Hooked to Earth Wind & Fire again lately. So groovy and soulful! Guess what, they’re coming to Singapore on 31st March, and I really want to go and see them LIVE. Problem is that I just can’t find anyone to go with me. Someone please step ahead to the spotlight? :(

February is here again. The so-called forever alone month for the lonely people all over the loner universe. 19 years of nothing special on Vday. *sigh* I really wish I can sit down, listen to Adele’s album and contemplate on how miserably love-less I am. Unfortunately no (which is good I reckon), I’ve got so much on my plate right about now until mid March that whatever special day coming soon is no longer my concern. I am just so anxious of February and March, that i somehow hoped it passes in fast forward motion.

Yes Sir, Ma’am, brace yourself. Travel roadshow and Natas Fair 2012 is approaching. I was fed with 8 hours of selling materials today, and there is still another round to spare tomorrow. Heaven knows if there’s anymore to come next weeks. It’s gonna be tiring, pressurizing, and not easy. Not saying that I’m not ready or whatsoever, as a matter of fact I feel pumped to perform. Maybe because I am much more knowledgeable now compared to my last travel fair, I think I am just that eager to see what I can achieve after 4 months working. But no. I will first need to focus on the priorities; get ahold of the whole freaking itineraries and do my homework. -_- I will not be a lost puppy on the event. Supposedly I think I also wanted to be acknowledged as a part of the company, at least I want to prove that I can be of use. So put on your best dancing shoes before you step on the dancefloor, baby!

Alright, so much about the will to be better, let’s hope these two months will do me more good than the opposite. If everything goes better than expected, you’ll see my glorious post. But if it doesn’t…. well I guess you won’t read anything depressing here. But Twitter is always the best trash can, no?

-You never know who’s watching you dancing. ;)