My Lady Cave










Boom there goes my face for ya.
Lady Cave is a term I learnt from a random Instagram comment to call your room. Just priceless.
Anyway it was a great fun pimping up my room here and alas!! My lady cave is now suited to my liking lol. I haven’t got my own room for like 6 or 7 years? (Always sleeps with Mum back home) So I think I’m just so excited to do things like this yikes.
A lot of stuffs from the room are from Amazon actually.
For example; the silly lady sign on the first picture is bought off this store. Brilliant stuffs. Never fails to make me smile every time i see it. Then the garland and white voile curtain which is only 5 pounds, great bargain one would say? And the fairy lights! All from the magical land of Amazon :D
I feel like my wall could use a little decoration on it, so I printed out my Quote of The Days doodle (this post) through a company called Inkifi. Super impressed by the quality of the printings and decided to print out some of my personal Instagram pictures to hang as well. Now my friends and dogs can watch me sleep every night. <3
Tuesday is so very peaceful today and thus this post came up. Oh yeah quiz time; does anybody know what song is the writings on my wall from? :p
That’s about all. Hope you enjoyed it and tell me what you lots think? :D
Bye bye! xx

Easy and Breezy

So many uncertainties and doubt now..

But I’m still Living In The Moment. :)


-I will not waste my day , making up all kinds of ways to worry about all the things that will not happen to me.


When We Die

When we die
Is it just like sleeping?
Does the light mean that it’s light like a nap?
Will I dream? Will I get to meet Jesus?
Or like the Lama will I come right back?

Years go fast, live each day like it’s the last
Need not waste time asking
Why did my life, no holding back

Like a whale with his song
He sings of his memories of long days gone
So do I sing along, I’ll remember you

Years go fast
I’m already looking back
And it’s me, I won’t last
Cause when I cry, I don’t just cry
I fold in half

You are loved, you are loved
You are loved, you are loved
You are loved, you are loved

There’s a fear about leaving here
And the devil you will find but if love,
If love is all that it ever was
There’ll be peace on the other side

Years go fast
Live each day like it’s the last
Me, I’ll go out dancing
Cause when I die
I know I’m gonna fly
Into an angel’s hands

You are loved, you are loved
You are loved, You are loved
You are loved, you are loved
You are loved.

-We are loved, indeed.. 

Two Seconds.

In case you haven’t seen the video. Flashback to 29 June, please. And please don’t spot me on 2:17 with my proudly crafted  phone case. HAHAHA!

Ahhh take me back there!


Sending dreams of cupcakes, pancakes and muffins to you. Sorry, I’m just hungry.

Good night you, beautiful you.

Be Love.

Hello, it’s July already. But before we get to the part of “Please Be Good, July”, I will need to blog about one of the best day in my life.

29th June 2012, was a day I will never forget in my life. In fact, I haven’t quite gotten over the day yet. Yes, I know that this feeling will probably fades out eventually. And yes I will finally be normal and will stop tweeting things about the concert. But just before I lost the euphoria and gratefulness I am still experiencing right at this moment, I will try and reminisce all the amazing things that happened on the day.

Front Row. In a 15.000 strong crowd. Can you imagine that? If no, here’s some idea.

Photo credit to Grooveline Horns 

Yup, just right over there, around the white rectangular poster was me and the gang of awesome people I met just day before the show. My face popped up to the big screens a few times. No big deal. #yaomingface

I was never a heavy concert goers. This was probably my third ever concert, and one that I am very excited about. I’ve had crazy ass dreams about the concert weeks before the D-day, and not one of those led to me being able to be so up-close to the stage. It was horrible dreams, where I was late to the venue, got lost on the way there, and  lost my ticket. But these kind of things happens all the time. The power of hope, dreams and luck. Being not able to attract any of my friends to watch his concert, I was prepared to come and drown in my own land. (…like my two previous concerts..right.) This, of course, without being sure of where am I gonna stand when the night falls. But then I found my way  to go the other way around. I met some amazing people; Hema who runs the twitter page for @JasonMraz_SG , dedicated Philippines fans Clette who took great pictures of the show, Wulan, Patria & Aru  from Fine Dining With Mraz Indonesia Fan Community, and many other great new friends i made that  I couldn’t possibly say how grateful I am for.

After discussions, we met up very early; around 1.30PM. At around 2 we head to the venue; Gardens By The Bay. I am telling you; it was faith, magic, and a sharp instinct from Hema that brought us to where we were that day. The garden was a completely underrated maze. It is a beautiful green venue, of course, but it requires energy and the will to move on and look for the best entrance to enter the stage while the sun was soaring at 37 degrees. And we did. We found the secluded entrance at 3+pm, and Hema, putting mercy on me, went to fetch the rest of the gang. I wasn’t sure of how friendship works, but i suppose you can say it was more than just friendship for strangers you only met for one and a half day. I adore these people dearly. I love that we share the same passion, and we were on the same boat. We were constantly saying “save a space for two, or three if you reach the front first.” They were selfless and makes great companion while we wait for the gate to open. It’s probably because the main theme for the show was Love; and so it was so easy to love, feel love and be loved.

Short story, gates opened at 5 and we literally ran for our life to the stage. It was a kind of run where you finally realize that this is really it. This is really happening if you can make it. By all means, I was panting and kept saying to Hema I couldn’t believe I was stepping on the steel barrier and no other head will be in front of me; except for Jason’s head. In front of my big fat round face. Whoop. Finally going down from the hyperventilating, we stood and wait. My God, if it was not such a long torturous hours. Wait is a four letter word. Hahaha yep it definitely is. 3 hours of standing with anticipation and when he came out, we were literally out of this world.

 Here is the setlist of Tour Is A Four Letter Word in Singapore, 29th June 2012.

1. The world as i see it
2. Everything is sound
3. Freedom song
4. Bella luna
5. Butterfly
6. Be honest
7. Only Human
8. The woman I love
9. A Beautiful mess
10. Unfold
11. Make it mine
12. Frank D. Fixer
13. Curbside + The Remedy
14. You and I Both
15. I’m coming over
16. Details in the fabrics (with Corinne May)
17. Lucky (with Corinne May)
18. Living in the moment
19. I’m yours

20. Mr. Curiosity
21. 93 Million Miles
22. I won’t give up

The setlist I made was a bit incorrect. This above setlist (which I believe is so much more trustworthy) was copied from Fine Dining With Jason Mraz Group, written by Patria.

During Mr. Curiosity i weeped a bit (I know I wasn’t alone! Ha!), because it was his first encore song and I kind of feel grateful he hasn’t left. But well, I just can’t handle the constantly welling eyes when he sung I Won’t Give Up. Not just because I know this song has helped me through so many hard times, but it really was just the emotions were finally building; between love, gratefulness, sadness, and melancholy feeling to be able to see him performing there; less than 5 meters away from me. If there is going to be one day I wish I could go back to, this day will probably be it.

I get things about how I am crazy to be over the moon just because of a singer. The thing is that I see this man, so much more than just a musician. He is sort of like a guru to me. Forever inspiring, encouraging and spreading love for people in his own way. At the beginning of the concert, he was saying to always be who we are. To never forget our own values and to love ourself. This blogpost will probably serve you no good if you are not a Jason Mraz fans. In fact I think you might view me quite differently once you’ve learnt my severe fondness of him. But what gives? I am grateful to have known his music, and it makes me happy that I am not alone in feeling that way. The world goes round, I will eventually let go of my hype about last Friday, though I know that I left that concert with my heart swelling with love, gratitude and felt aMrazing.

Picture credit to Clette.

To view my shots from the show, click here.

To view Clette’s shots, click here.

To check out the awesome Indonesian Fan Community; Fine Dining With Jason Mraz, click here.

Oh yeah, by the way. I hope Jeff (the cameraman) wasn’t really shooting my crying fat face as Hema said. #omgwtfbbq

So yeah, that was all about my Jason Mraz experience. Hope you enjoyed it and kind of feel the same way as I do. At the meantime, “Please be good, July!” 

be Love.

When Love Arrives


Don’t look at my odd knee.  Look at the items. Look at them.

The babies are here. Ordered on 29th March, shipped on 17th April, reshipped on 5th June and finally arrived in my loving hands on 18th June.


Special Thank You message from Mr. A-Z, and my own customized phone case.

I love today. But I’m certain I’m gonna love 29th June even more.

Too. Happy. So. Much. LOVE. :’)