Through the fire.

Apart from me being super flustered on the previous post, i think i should really write something decent (and minus swearing) on the page.

How was your long weekend? I hope it was fine and good enough to take a break from the madness around us everyday.

As for me, i am having an awesomely long weekend. Lesse, from friday till the next tuesday. Beginning new module on Wednesday.

I imagined the weekend to be relaxing slouchy days with none to worry about. But likewise I encountered some issue which I preferably do not want to discuss about.

And so that concludes the dreadfulness of my days recently.

I have been [typing] [deleting] \[typing] [deleting] over and over again. I’m too clueless about what i consider as appropriate enough to write here.

This must be the state of confusion, frustration and desperation in one’s life. I wish i could mute the mouths of some people.

Well, they don’t know me that much. Do they?


Have you guys watched Kat & Leopald? Just finished watching it earlier. It actually makes me realize how humans (yea, human not only men) have degraded their values from the past.

Where do you find a man that is “accustomed to stand when a lady leaves a table” , or a man who would write a letter of apology so sincerely that you’d be heartless to not forgive him? haha nevermind, that was definitely so so random. Well if you haven’t watch, then please do. :)

The lights from people’s houses are switched off one by one. Crap, it’s 2 AM. no wonder.

think that’s all. oh and Happy Easters for you who celebrates. :)

-You can’t live a fairytale. period.