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It is so easy for me to be invested too much in a certain kind of addiction, that slowly turns into an unhealthy obsession.

This time it is Lorde.

I’ve been listening to nothing else but her for several weeks now and still couldn’t quite fathom her mind bogglingly cool personality and artwork. So much so that I have probably starts to annoy people around me. Not that would mind.

The album Pure Heroine is out today or should I say yesterday (current clock 02:22AM 29/10/13) , and shoots straight to the top of charts so effortlessly one would think nothing of why the EU delayed the release until now. It’s been such a long while since I found myself so engrossed in an album/musician that it surprises me a little how easy it was to fall in love with Lorde’s honesty in her songs. And her straight talk no bullshit attitude she conduct during her interviews and chats makes you forget the fact that she’s only sixteen.  Well i don’t think I ever see her age as something really relevant at first place, though it is impressive how she developed the sense of maturity at such early days.  I imagine seeing her grow big, bigger than anyone would expect. And I will already be on her Team by the time.

Anyway, short update of the life as we know it. I’m back in Buxton now, and (haven’t quite) started my dissertation and assignment work. Autumn is present, the leaves have turned and walks in park are staples for the weeks we stayed out of big cities. And now I kinda get why people would always be fussy about British weather , because  it is fussy! One minute it is raining it made a parade of crooked umbrella and one minute the sun shines back. So yeah, I get it now. *pulls up hoodie*

London bound on 26 October with the lots of international students, made a video out of it below.

Ccccheck it out.

Of course I have Lorde as the video soundtrack.