Nail it on Friday.

Why why it’s Friday already again. Too fast to cope up with. ._.

Anyway, went to the National Museum of Singapore to see an exhibition by Vacheron Constantine, a watch making history. Pretty amazing though, being around some antiques that is 200 over years old. Gave me some chills that the objects were crafted by a man from 18th century.

Did some nail experiment today, in which i bought a new nail polish by O.P.I for a smacking discounted price. With a few hurried and impatience strokes;

the yellow base reminds you of leopard patterns, no?

and these are the nail polish i used.

from the corner left is O.P.I black shatter, face shop nail supplement as top coat,. and in order are the base colors.

Ok, should go and enjoy my night. :)

Happy weekend <3