What To Expect When You’re Expecting

…expecting a great month, that is. Don’t get all the weird ideas flowing in your head.

So here we are, on the top of September. New month ready to start fresh and spirited.. But before we get any further, what WAS on August?


Well, I was proud of myself of the last 31 days. Proud as in not arrogant-proud, but more of a grateful-proud. You’ll see why. Basically, I live more consciously. I exercised a bunch more often, like twice or thrice a week. Short 30 minutes run and a 10 minute steam bath, no excuses even after I finished a tiring day and knocked off work at 8PM. Not to specifically accomplish any goal, but mainly to just do my body a favor by keeping it good for the long run. Pfftt.

And then, I ate more humbly. To be specific, I lessen my carbs intake and almost rarely had heavy dinner. I did not touch any Fast Food or any instant noodle(for real; not even a pack), I turned my direction towards yummy yoghurts with plenty choices of toppings. To sum it up, I ate healthily.

I also did not use any curse words during those 31 days. Not even a single F-word, D-word, S-word. I learned to be careful with words and to speak by my logic instead of anger. I was patience with my surroundings, call it a rush hour traffic jams, screaming babies, and varieties of attitudes from people. Of course this is not to say August is a trouble-free month. I’ve had ups and downs as equally frustrating at times, but I did not let myself go deep down to self-destruct for long. I happened to manage to stay in circle with grace and love.

All of the above, all of the great commitments I put myself through for the last month, has really taken me by surprise. Why? Because most of them is not even planned for. I was only promising myself to exercise regularly, and eat more consciously. I did not set any limits to not take any junk foods or to not curse/tweet bad words, in fact I would never had imagine myself not stuffing myself with Instant Noodle for a month. But when I evaluated the status that I was at in the middle of the month, only then I realized that I have been indirectly directing myself to a better me. It’s really funny isn’t it? The more you feel grateful of what is in yourself, the more the uni-verse gave you bonuses. Can I get an Amen for that? Winning.

I do not intend to make any promises that I cannot keep. So in the next months ahead, I wouldn’t say I can fulfill everything I’ve done on August. But commitments of such is not the only thing to improve oneself right? I believe that so long as I keep my way straight and believe in what’s best for me self, I am already a better me. :)  So thank you, August. Thank you so very much for being such a fruitful month where I introspected myself more than anytime. See you soon.

Ah my God, yabba-dabbido whee we were talking about September, right…? Yeah I strayed way back to just remind myself in the future for these rare accomplishments. *grin*

SO what do you expect when you are expecting September? Let’s see.

  • 3rd September -Universal Studio Singapore trip with girlfriends *FREE TICKETS DINGDONGDING*
  • 4th September – Yours truly’s *ahem* 20th Birthday!
  • 10th September -Ingrid Michaelson Live in Singapore, The Script #3 album release, Ellen DeGeneres Season 10 premiere. (triple jackpots. I can feel it; best.day.evarrr.)
  • 15th September -IELTS test. Not sure what to feel about this one.
  • 18th September -Last day of internship. Don’t know what to feel about this too. I have a feeling you’ll see a more elaborated post on this one.
  • 22nd September -Daddy’s Birthday!
  • 23-27th September -Propose date for Bali/Bangkok Trip with girlfriends<3
  • 29th September -BigBang Alive Tour!
  • GREAT WEATHER FULL FORCE. Go sweaters, jumpers and knits.

And.. that’s all I can think of right now. Seeing that list, I feel grateful already. Immensely thankful and positive to start this awesome month.  Here’s to great awesomazing months of forever. Cheers to The Great September.


ps: I wrote a hell of a long post. That’s one accomplishment for September.

pps: I lost 4 pounds on August. Big whoop-dee-doop high five.



Before I have an osteoporosis or mental disorientation.

I’ve been having this crazy dream, or should i call it wish for quite a while.

Ready? Okay.

Traveling to Europe. Alone. :)

source : tumblr

Might sound pretty much absurd and unrealistic, but hearing the idea of going anywhere on tour with big fams don’t bring the same excitement as if i imagine i am alone. Scary much, i know. But imagine all the adventures, all the experiences, all the new people to meet. No need for luxurious accommodations and all, all that matters is the fun i will have there.

If  i truly manage to go there alone, the list of things i’m taking :

  1. enough cash to survive with foods, transportations, and some teenie -weenie fun
  2. camera, phone, laptop
  3. few of my most comfortable attires + coats
  4. dictionary
  5. instant noodles
  6. etc of other necessities

I am so doing researches for the backpacker’s information, estimating the cost, filtering the countries to visit, and freaking save some cash to make my dream comes true before i die.