Like A Star Across My Sky

Hello there,and yes as for the title above, i’m still madly in love with Corinne Bailey Rae’s tunes. :)

Entering mid August and i must say this month has been pretty smooth and tender. I’ve got some really good news that made my second week of August awesome! First is that i secured my attachment at a travel agent. I know on my prev post i mentioned being interviewed at hotel, but due to some circumstances, i decided to flip another chance and give a shot at another company. At this travel agent, my position is as  a travel consultant. Now now it might sound all flamboyant and “consultant” like, but trust me, this work field is new and fresh for me. As much as i am doing well in class, I’m not really sure if i can pull it off well at real life? Let’s just leave it at September, then. Anyhow i am relieved, frustrate free, and at ease that i have my attachment ready to roll :D

For the fourth time in (almost) a year  i’m gg back to hometown. yay. lol but what should i do? i have like two weeks of holiday, it would be like so much better to spend the holy days at hometown hanging around with buddies, and my puppies! Omg i really lost track of days. I promised to write about my puppies didn’t i? So about them, my mum adopted them a month ago, Shih-tzu breed and they have this golden adorable brown fur :D Remember the times when i always whined about how much i wanted a puppy to keep? hehehehe so proud to say that i am now a partial owner of two puppies! Why two? Because mum doesn’t want the puppy to be lonely when she went out to work. :D

so here goes:

Corner left is Sachiko. (from Japanese 幸 (sachi) “happiness” and 子 (ko) “child”.) called Sachi for short :) He’s the naughty troublemaker big brother!

Corner right is Michiko. ( from Japanese 美 (mi) “beautiful”, 智 (chi) “wisdom, intellect” and 子 (ko) “child”.) called Michi for short. This fella; eats a lot.

Both are boys btw, if wondering why are their names so girly? Well well, it just rings the bell and i love the names. So, who cares :p. Can’t freaking wait to see them soon!!

To justify myself, i am going back to Medan to have loads of fun before the internship starts. Most probably i won’t be going back (or anywhere) during the 12 months of internship :( I really hope everything goes smoothly until the very end though. My classroom course is wrapping up very soon, and it’s like a direct highway to real working place starting mid september! yikes!

Bloody 2Am and i have class from 8.30 to 5.30 tomorrow. So, bye for now chicks!

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