Rainbow After The Monday


I have been really blue on Monday. Works were piling and lots of silly mistakes were made while I was hungover from Natas Fair. Good thing today is my day off. I wake up real early today to do some things, and decided to take a solo trip down Ann Siang Hill. Why of all time I did not bring my camera. Here goes, the only pic of the day I took from my phone and cheat instagram-ed on Picasa.

Rainbow Cake from Le Chocolat Café

Craving for a rainbow cake (well actually just any dessert) earlier when I saw ladyironchef tweeted about rainbow pancakes. A girl happened to know the whereabouts of a slice of rainbow cake! :)

The location of Le Chocolat Café is perhaps not specifically a cafe by its own, it’s actually located inside a boutique hotel, The Club Boutique Hotel. The ambience of the cafe is so naise! I can picture hanging with girlfriends on a quiet weekday in there. I loved the Rosemary Chicken sandwich I had as lunch (upper right on pic is the leftovers lol), but the rainbow cake is just an average colored sponge cake with nothing really special. It’s a feast for the eye though not really for the tongue. Will go back to Ann Siang Hill again for cafe adventures. Or maybe Dempsey Hill ? With proper camera. *fist-air*

After the brunch combined with high tea time, went to Grand Cathay for some movie time. Watched Hugo, a tad bit disappointed as I was expecting an adventure of magical world and sorts. The story was rather distorted in some places, though it still had the moral lessons. Then I found out the producer was Johnny Depp when I saw the credit, and I thought “No wonder, I never get along with Johnny’s production.”

They always say stressed spelled backwards is desserts, well today a dessert save my day.  Hopefully the good vibes will last long. Tomorrow the “paused” work will resume  to it’s status and I really hope I can manage well.

I leave you guys with the newest video collection of skydiving. Hauntingly beautiful and freeing.

Experience Freedom.

-Have some peace in mind, soul, and heart. 



Hi peeps.
Days are boring and lonely as Mom went back to hometown after 10 short days for visit. I’ve never been that much of an adrenaline junkie, never rode that serious scary coaster or do bungee jumping in life. But lately, i have been spacing and letting my thoughts ponder for someday to look forward to; a day when i experience something like this. At least once in my plain life.