One away. One to go.


I don’t know if i can still post this on 9th October 2011, but i will try.

What’s so special about 9th October 2011? Right. It’s the one year anniversary of living in Singapore. Well not the whole round year as I had some trips back to hometown. But you get the idea. Ah, where to start. I was planning to post a very long picture post about singapore, but i didn’t manage to get around enough decent images. :< Days were busy and crazy and stress-y that i don’t even have the time to think properly. So enough with the rants, and let’s reminisce.

Last year i knew nothing (read; null) about Singapore, about living abroad, and living independently. I remember this piece of advice that strengthens me when i was about to break down every time i feel life is hard.

“When people goes overseas for studying, they might assume that they will have a good time, and experience something exciting. It’s all a part of it. But in the reality, how many of them that cries in the middle of night, missing their families, friends, the familiar hometown. Living alone in other people’s country is harsh. You should really fits in quickly, and if you don’t, you get sick of living there. And when you don’t enjoy where you’re staying, you cannot possibly do anything well..Try your best and don’t give up too quick. “

That was quoted from one of my post one year ago, by a teacher.

I know life is never going to be the same again when i decided to come here and study. I had the easy life so to speak, of going to school and graduated ‘normally’. Never in my wildest dream I was to study abroad in Singapore. So when the time had come for me to set sail, I was too excited to come here that i forgot to feel sad or unhappy of leaving behind my lifestyle. Truthfully, i didn’t left my past behind me. I simply created a new fresh chapter with a brand new ink. After some time, I passed the days here in Singapore in an…carefree manner. I liked it here, whether it’s the unfriendly people i sometimes encounter, or things that just decided to go the wrong direction.Here I learn of meeting new friends, be closer with another friends, and then silently distancing, arguing with your friends or even yourself. Hanging around Orchard Road and window shops.

And there were also times when i thought of “Did I made a mistake by coming here?” “Why am I here?” “I really want to go back home and forget I ever came here.” and “I am all alone.”  It is true. I am all alone. Despite all the friends, cousins i have in singapore, i am all alone. Alone in making decisions, alone in questioning myself, alone in clouds of doubts and insecurities. But i didn’t made the wrong choice of coming here. If people were to speak of I made the wrong choice, they never know how much i learnt from living here. And if they were to know how was I one year ago and the me now, well I guess they might change their perspective a little bit. The sense of independence forced us; international students to grow strong and solid.

I’ve got used to Singapore. I hope the next year, i can post more fun things for the second anniversary. Until then, I MADE THE FIRST YEAR SAFE AND SOUND! A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE, PLEASE! :D

Jennifer Lim, 2010

Jennifer Lim, 2011

excuse the camwhore. too sleepy to write anything else. and tomorrow is the off day. see you guys and have a bloody monday! :D

-one round year to go, baby! 

The Happy Thing For August.

How do you define happy?  Money? Power? Peers?

I think it’s more than just that. It’s the little thing that actually matter most. Like a smile on other people’s face, sitting by the window watching rain pours down, licking an ice cream, or any other random things. Those little things doesn’t really happens everyday now, beaten up by our hectic lifestyle and ignorance. I found this really “Happy” twitter account, listing down every little things that we should be/ are happy about, written in undeniably witty way and less than 140 chars. So, what are you waiting for? Go follow @TheHappyThing and be happy! :)

Back to life, it’s now first of August. My my. Time has just been…overwhelming these past months. Whatever happened seems to be moving in such accelerated velocity. Blimey, I can’t hardly recall what i did last week. It would be as fine if it’s only time that speeds up, but sad to say, my expenditure has been catching up as equally fast with time. I don’t even know how to explain it. July, well yes Mummy and buddies came and some really hardcore excursions are inevitable. But still, it is really painful now; at the early of a new month,calculating all the expenses i made. Heartbreaking. Heart-wrenching. You never know a good thing ’till it’s gone? Tell me about it.

So August, together with the fasting month for the Muslims, you are going to be a tight month. The month where i will be an outcast, in order to save me from any financial crisis (which is..well not far), August is going to be the time where I will devote most of time sitting in living room, blogging, socializing, and the it’s-best-to-stay-out-of-the-mall era.

Can you do that, J? Hopefully and I am determined.

Another topic, short one. I had an outing with @dricmushroom yesterday and today. (count 30-31st of July) watched Captain America and it was pretty much the typical Marvel movie dose you get every time. Except; Chris Evans is hot; period.

My new Winona Gelaskins

Christine’s Volcano Gelaskins

Check out where i got these super awesome phone re-stickable stickers here :)

I think that’s all I’m gonna write for now. A pretty long head start for August, aye ? And oh! maybe some wishlist for August will do me well!

– Secure a nice decent internship altogether with finishing my diploma course *flawlessly*

-Mummy being more patient with Sachi and Michi. (new puppies, will talk abt ’em on next post ;D )

-Some serious weight-loss

-Tickets. to medan or anywhere in early September

-To finally visit Singapore Botanical Garden

-Save 50% of monthly allowance

-To be wiser, smarter, braver and  better. 

Ciao guys ! Happy August alrighty.  














Poohcketful of Sunshine

Yesterday was just like the ordinary weekend, lazing around at home watching movies. The idea for saturday & sunday was re-watching Prison Break. By sunday 8pm, first season was finished and no more Scofield in stock to watch. Waiting for my friend to transfer the rest of the seasons, and hope it’ll be chop chop :)

Oh, additional activity, i actually did some DIY stuff :D Not much, just a pocket pouch to put my transportation and access card to apartment. Combined with a bulky furry Pooh i ‘adopted’ from my friend.

Here goes ;

ps: pictures taken with Christine’s 600D. pretty sleek, huh ?

Ok and that was yesterdays. I can’t believe it’s the third week of June already. My my.Where did all my times went by? Tomorrow am finishing Develop & Implement Budget module, then another two short subjects and welcome holalalalalalaaaliday! Best thing is; Mommy will come; and some pocketful friends will come to have fun. July sounds even more exciting now. Until then, have to finish some assignments for tomorrow.

Have a great week and ciao,loves.

Tea Sunday Pudding

today is pretty normal, just the regular sunday; spent sleeping until late one pm (oops :x) then up for some cooking and lunch. Accompanied Christine bought her baby 600D. (yay more self cameras time lols)

Lesson from today; don’t sleep too much and waste your day on the bed, because today passed in a flick. :( Next week I must rise and shine earlier than normal even though it’s sunday. There’s a lot of thing i have been wanting to do like visiting Singapore Botanical Garden, strolling on Haji Lane/Arab Street, or just reading books quietly. I have spare times but I never fulfilled any of those. I’m literally stuck here in front of Safari and media player. No good.

It’s now 9.47 and i am steaming tea pudding and anxious for the result sigh :3 I basically follow all the ingredients from this site. But since i don’t have any vanilla extract, i exchanged it with a tea bag. tee hee so it’s not a vanilla pudding; but a tea pudding :3 Currently cooling off the puddings and then i’ll put them to the fridge.

Hey the tea puddings turned out pretty nice ;D It’s just the right treat before facing Monday.

At least my Sunday is not at all useless ;)