London Grammar Live in Sheffield – Gig Review

After leaving this space without any proper writing for the last 3/4 months, the best I could come up with is a gig review. Really? (really.) Because this gig is essentially one of the most unforgettable one I’ve ever been. Just a disclaimer that this review is based purely on my experience as a fan, so don’t take it too seriously?

So it’s about London Grammar. If you’re not familiar (and have been living under a big-ass rock), go to a new tab and type it on Youtube search bar. They’re a trip-hop (honestly, music genre name these days..) group that comes to the surface of music industry barely a year ago. I also learnt how they met each other whilst studying in University of Nottingham, busy with dissertation and eventually finding out that they are actually able to do music as living. I am currently in the middle of writing my dissertation and the thought of what comes next sometimes scares the shit out of me.  Anyway I loved them on a first listen of their album, and so decided to come to the gig when opportunity arise. And on 8 February, I marched to Sheffield for London Grammar live in O2 Academy Sheffield.

The gig opener was @kyanmusic and @sayloulou which I have to say I enjoy very much. Especially Kyan, a Cambridge lad with the fusion of John Mayer voice and Bruno Mars look. Can never go wrong with that combo. Check out one of the track he played last night below. Free download too!

I was lucky enough to have stood at the front row without queuing too long.  The vibe of the whole venue was just really chilled and relaxed, with a healthy mix of men and women. A bit put off from the last Maroon 5 gig where the audience; or should i say the teenage girls; were literally screaming their heads off all the time. Fair enough, it was a different genre, but it was still nice to be a part of a mature audience that appreciates music in a different way. Anyway I stood at the front row on centre-right-ish side of the stage which had me exactly in front of Dot Major and his equipments, which consists of drums, keyboards, synths, percussion drum, and a bottle of beer. I had told my friend before about the similarity of Dot to Harry Styles and in my opinion after seeing in real life the prior is incredibly easy in the eyes and *bonus* very talented to add in. Honestly I understand why we are enthralled with Hannah and her vocal powerhouse ripping through the venue, but I also came to realise how Dot Major multitasks in between songs with different equipments quite fascinating. Portraying himself to public eyes as “a pie of London Grammar”, he is also quite the producer/beat maker I’d very much like to see creating songs for big names in the future. Dot Major, major props (pun intended and not sorry).

London Grammar comes up the stage at 9:15 PM, started off with ‘Hey Now’ and I was originally planning to record the first song with my camera, but the first 30 seconds convinced me that I needed to put down my camera and really soak up this experience. It was such a surreal moment when she sings and the audience were eerily still (with a little bit of high hoops here and there), which results in me having chills all over. Not just because it was cold, even though it was actually freezing inside the venue, but a good kind of chills that goes deep in your bone when you enjoyed something so much. I couldn’t remember much about the night but it was an exceptionally beautiful evening and I could stay in that room for longer than I thought, standing there and listening to them take over the reality. ‘Wasting My Young Years’ and ‘Strong’ made me emotional for a while, as if the world goes slo-mo with the  lights beaming and criss-crossing, I was in absolute bliss. ‘Metal & Dust’ as encore song was absolutely incredible live, powered by Dot’s drumming, great way to close the show and definitely leaves an impression.

Some funny  moment when Dan, which was at the end of other side of stage, tried to crack a joke but failed miserably and charmingly. Your typical shy guy who could still feel the nerves talking to 2000 odd people after countless live shows. Beautiful Hannah, even more so in real life, has a really outgoing attitude despite the lots of interview saying she herself has stage fright. She sounds flawless, albeit caught her coughing/clearing up the throat a few times, figured she might still be recovering from the cold. I particularly enjoyed it when she picked up her ‘favorite’ audience from the crowd after ‘Nightcall’. Apparently a guy was wearing earplugs throughout the show, Hannah noticed him and joked about him offending the band by doing so. I can only imagine being in that guy’s position and became red with guilt, but it doesn’t matter because the band actually signed some merch for him at the end of the show. Moral of the story : wear earplug to LG gigs. The rest of the show went enjoyably and I managed to record a few songs and took some pictures. The show was a short period of 55 minutes top, including encore. A bit disappointed they didn’t perform If You Wait, namely because I think the venue asked the band to finish early since there was another event coming up later that evening so they need to pack up and rearrange things. I certainly hope so and not because the band was expecting another encore. Like, is that actually possible? Two encores in a gig? I wonder.

Off to pictures:












And footagezzzz :

Wow this post has amounted to be one of my longest post ever! Talk about something I’m really good at babbling on. Well, I think it’s fit to say that this gig is one of the most unforgettable one i’ve been, considering i left the venue feeling really happy and content with my decision to come and watch them. I also feel the slightest tinge of anger to my friends who are so lucky to have ‘this tip-hop trio’ performing in their university tonight, but don’t even want to go and see them. I’ll see them biting their nails when the band wins Best British Breakthrough in the Brits. London Grammar have one debut album, and it has converted me to a full time fan. I cannot wait to see what they have in store (or iTunes) in the future, and I will be there again for sure on their next gig.

Typing on Monday morning, it’s the start of the week and it’s the start of another battle with my dissertation. I can only hope I find my bandmates and/or discover what I want to do with my life this week. ffs.

Week of Discoveries

Amidst all the work and pressure staggering the few weeks before assignment deadline, here are some things/musics/books/thingamabobs that I have stuck in my head.


i am on this life stage of wanting to mark my skin with ink for a purpose, because all of these homemade tattoos by Miso are just so beautiful in its form of femininity and subtlety. Dad’s probably not gonna approve, but who knows in 5 more years if I am still on this stage, I’ll dive head first.

or probably just going through the whole young adult process.

Finished the Divergent series in two days and i was sad and heart broken on closing the last book, but regained my sense and accepts the ending as it is this morning. 1) I love the series. I truly do. And knowing Shailene Woodley and Theo James as Tris and Four made the whole reading experience more enjoyable; because I personally think they fit the bill perfectly. 2) I understand where Veronica (the author) was coming from in concluding the series and I appreciate how she wrote an explanation on the whole “controversial ending” for us lost soul. It was still a well written book, with some worthwhile values to digest and remember. Overall, i have come in peace with the ending. Though I won’t object at all if it is written differently, in a happier life scale.:’) Now I can’t wait for the movie next spring!

Monday’s boring. Back to work. Have a nice week. x



It is so easy for me to be invested too much in a certain kind of addiction, that slowly turns into an unhealthy obsession.

This time it is Lorde.

I’ve been listening to nothing else but her for several weeks now and still couldn’t quite fathom her mind bogglingly cool personality and artwork. So much so that I have probably starts to annoy people around me. Not that would mind.

The album Pure Heroine is out today or should I say yesterday (current clock 02:22AM 29/10/13) , and shoots straight to the top of charts so effortlessly one would think nothing of why the EU delayed the release until now. It’s been such a long while since I found myself so engrossed in an album/musician that it surprises me a little how easy it was to fall in love with Lorde’s honesty in her songs. And her straight talk no bullshit attitude she conduct during her interviews and chats makes you forget the fact that she’s only sixteen.  Well i don’t think I ever see her age as something really relevant at first place, though it is impressive how she developed the sense of maturity at such early days.  I imagine seeing her grow big, bigger than anyone would expect. And I will already be on her Team by the time.

Anyway, short update of the life as we know it. I’m back in Buxton now, and (haven’t quite) started my dissertation and assignment work. Autumn is present, the leaves have turned and walks in park are staples for the weeks we stayed out of big cities. And now I kinda get why people would always be fussy about British weather , because  it is fussy! One minute it is raining it made a parade of crooked umbrella and one minute the sun shines back. So yeah, I get it now. *pulls up hoodie*

London bound on 26 October with the lots of international students, made a video out of it below.

Ccccheck it out.

Of course I have Lorde as the video soundtrack.

Finding Zen


Life can be overwhelming at times. With the never ending cycle of activity, or with non existent pace of the surroundings;  finding peace, finding tranquility, finding your inner voice can be something that is crucial to make life itself easier and happier.


“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes a day – unless you’re too busy, you should sit for an hour.” 

-Old Zen Adage

8:01 PM

It’s May and life has been fast forwarding itself too often these days. Spring seems to be short lived by summer with the ever increasing temperature. I love to be reminded of how the weather is amazingly gorgeous when it’s 8.30 PM and the sky is bright yellow by sunset. I once woke up from a nap at 9 and took a nasty express bath afraid of being late to lecture, only to realize it’s night time. Not that I’m complaining, 15 hours of sun is certainly a bliss to be grateful for.

Which is why I dread doing my work even more. It’s always the day when the sun shines so perfectly and you have to be locked down to your desk together with piles of paper, giving up the thoughts of laying down in green grass with soft ice cream in left and IQ 84 in right hand.

Wait. Did i just complain about assignments? Ooooh yes the day has finally come when I return to let my brain work ‘critically’. Admittedly a lot of things was not easy to deal with at first, sometimes I would just sigh and let my ego took the best out of me when the overwhelming task comes to view. But really though, was it that hard? I should be so lucky of the freedom we are allowed to adopt in creating the paper work. If anything, I’ll probably slam my own self for not starting early. Eh.

Yesterday was the last day of university for this term. And on the last day itself i learned that my uni doubles as a decent dance floor when an event took place. It was drunk fueled with people having fun and being emotional about their next term. How you should worry about your dissertations now, good luck in finding jobs, and deal with the real world very soon. Sometimes I wonder if we actually live in Teletubbies world all this time. Nah it was a fun night. Watching my Event Module lecturer dance her way amongst the student and blinding disco lights was also an extraordinary experience.

Anyhow, I can’t wait for this week to be over with. At least with my papers submitted well and swell.





Today I have to leave this old room of mine.
I’m still unsure about this new journey.

On the bus ride to the train station,
I text-messaged my friends.

At the station I tried calling someone,
But something felt different about it all.
All I brought with me was an old guitar,
Leaving the rest of my old life behind.

I take something and I get something,
I ponder that cycle in my heart.

I always try to hide my fears in my dreams.
When get afraid, I can’t seem to do anything.

I got on the train, it rushed away,
And I slowly started to cry.

Life in my town continued on outside.
I prayed that it’d never change.
The man who gave me my old guitar
Told me Tokyo is a scary place.

I’ve stopped looking for all the answers.
It’s okay to have some flaws.

Those grey skyscrapers blocked the setting sun.
Even if I endure these tears today,
Won’t tomorrow’s cold morning hold more doubt?

I can’t choose the right thing,
At least I know that much.