Week of Discoveries

Amidst all the work and pressure staggering the few weeks before assignment deadline, here are some things/musics/books/thingamabobs that I have stuck in my head.


i am on this life stage of wanting to mark my skin with ink for a purpose, because all of these homemade tattoos by Miso are just so beautiful in its form of femininity and subtlety. Dad’s probably not gonna approve, but who knows in 5 more years if I am still on this stage, I’ll dive head first.

or probably just going through the whole young adult process.

Finished the Divergent series in two days and i was sad and heart broken on closing the last book, but regained my sense and accepts the ending as it is this morning. 1) I love the series. I truly do. And knowing Shailene Woodley and Theo James as Tris and Four made the whole reading experience more enjoyable; because I personally think they fit the bill perfectly. 2) I understand where Veronica (the author) was coming from in concluding the series and I appreciate how she wrote an explanation on the whole “controversial ending” for us lost soul. It was still a well written book, with some worthwhile values to digest and remember. Overall, i have come in peace with the ending. Though I won’t object at all if it is written differently, in a happier life scale.:’) Now I can’t wait for the movie next spring!

Monday’s boring. Back to work. Have a nice week. x



Boy Cut

Probably one day I will have the guts to let the back of my neck breathe and see the world. One day. 

Image via The Sartorialist 

Laid Back Thursday

Having an off day and feeling super revived after the flu past few days. Chilling on bed and browsing the world.
What-nots that I’ve been eyeing lately :

Click click on each picture to see details of the item. :)

Current music crush is Lennon and Maisy. <3

oh, let’s get rich and also buy all these things listed way up here. :))

And oh yeah, bought tickets for Ingrid Michaelson Live in Singapore on 10th September! The S month is gonna be so epic!!

Ok will be up and off hop for some exercise. Have a great day. Be love and be grateful. x

One Dozen Minus One.

Bloody hell. Macaroons from Sweet Spot is the f-ing best. Always hit the spot!

Was shooting from Esplanade last week, and today in the opposite; Marina Bay The Shoppes. I tweaked a lot of the settings like ISO and shutter speed, but ah I still have  a long way to go to fully utilize my cam. At least some improvement hehe.

I’ve lived for one and a half year in Singapore, and I passed by a lot of wonderful sceneries here. It is indeed a vibrant, alive, and metropolitan city. Sometimes we ignore what stood right in front of our eyes too much, that we forgot to appreciate the present time.

Spent the whole day with Dad today, and did some bone check up. Doctor advised me to go on Pilates class -_- seriously, get me a bag of pistachios. Anyway received a good news in the morning, and bad news in the evening. Sdfghafdsgdhf If I’m not in time in doing this stuffs, I’ll be damned! T.T Only this last obstacle, I only need to pass this damn thing before the end of the month. It’s almost mid March. Wha.. zomg I passed 12 days in March so peacefully! I bet it won’t be so in the last two weeks. Roadshow coming towards this weekend. Mmpow.

-God please do Your charm? :( 


Belated Happy 2012!

HAPPY 2 0 1 2 !

If 3rd January is not too late to post about new year, I would like to reminisce what 2011 meant to me, and about where i hang my hopes up for 2012.

It has been one thrilling year. One round year of living abroad in Singapore, away from everything familiar and friendly, and I am proud to say I have no regrets for this year. Well at least i can’t think of one. In fact it has been such a meaningful year, where I:

-Got to see my favorite band’s concert,

– Attended brother’s wedding,

-Moving house with own effort,

-Met some really great friends who I grew very close to,

-Learning heaps of knowledge from the ongoing internship,

-Had an almost full piggy bank,

-Finally able to produce some penny on my own,

-Watched some really good titles of movies,

-Grew closer to Daddy,

-Adopted two puppies,

-Had a lot of me-time the past 3 months,

-Learnt to swim,

-Finished diploma classroom course,

-Had super fun on new year’s eve,

-and lots of other things my sleepy brain cannot comprehend at this moment.

Particularly, daily life in 2011 is monotone, until September where internship started. I think internship helps me to value time in a whole new perspective. Imagine having only 25 percent of free time in one week, compared to easy-go-movie type of life during classroom days. But it’s totally fine now, we all get used to new things eventually. Although if you ask me to choose between classroom or workplace, I absent-mindedly will go for classroom. Ha!

There goes the 2011. Thanks for the great memories!


-save more money,

-exercise more,

-shop very very wisely,

-cook more,

-eat often at home,

-tell mum i love her every day,

-virtual kiss/hug dad from skype often,

-continue bachelor degree,

-go to park/garden/beach for me-time,

-donate more,

-visit temple often,

-meet new friends,

-donate some of unused clothes,

-lose xx kgs,

-travel somewhere alone,


ps; above are not resolutions. It will serve merely as a reminder of things i would like to do this year. I don’t like the pressure of having resolutions to complete. :\

15 balloons for 15 wish-to-do.

-Happy New Year, people! 

One Day.

“What are days for?
Days are where we live.
They come, they wake us
Time and time over.
They are to be happy in:
Where can we live but days?
Ah, solving that question
Brings the priest and the doctor
In their long coats
Running over the fields. ” 

-Days (Philip Larkin)

I was at a bookstore, pinpointing the facts why I should buy this book, and why I shouldn’t. The good side won. (read: didn’t buy)

Then i found out it was even made into a movie. Starred by the bedazzling Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

What more should I say? I’m grabbin’ a copy tomorrow.

-What are days for, really? 

Will you be right next to me?


I lost track of pop songs, they sound pretty much all the same. But the record below is really quite good. :)

“And baby, everything that I have is yours,
You will never go cold or hungry.
I’ll be there when you’re insecure,
Let you know that you’re always lovely.”

And anyway, i learn so many things about geography and history in workplace. Grateful that I am actually a social science student in high school, so at least i am not completely blind of the material. Well, a lot of things to cope up with, a lot of things to expect.

Just a teenie eye candy slash long wish.

Prada Suede Sandals

worn by Rumi from Fashion Toast. instant struck .

-September is ending. Still so long until the next September…