8:01 PM

It’s May and life has been fast forwarding itself too often these days. Spring seems to be short lived by summer with the ever increasing temperature. I love to be reminded of how the weather is amazingly gorgeous when it’s 8.30 PM and the sky is bright yellow by sunset. I once woke up from a nap at 9 and took a nasty express bath afraid of being late to lecture, only to realize it’s night time. Not that I’m complaining, 15 hours of sun is certainly a bliss to be grateful for.

Which is why I dread doing my work even more. It’s always the day when the sun shines so perfectly and you have to be locked down to your desk together with piles of paper, giving up the thoughts of laying down in green grass with soft ice cream in left and IQ 84 in right hand.

Wait. Did i just complain about assignments? Ooooh yes the day has finally come when I return to let my brain work ‘critically’. Admittedly a lot of things was not easy to deal with at first, sometimes I would just sigh and let my ego took the best out of me when the overwhelming task comes to view. But really though, was it that hard? I should be so lucky of the freedom we are allowed to adopt in creating the paper work. If anything, I’ll probably slam my own self for not starting early. Eh.

Yesterday was the last day of university for this term. And on the last day itself i learned that my uni doubles as a decent dance floor when an event took place. It was drunk fueled with people having fun and being emotional about their next term. How you should worry about your dissertations now, good luck in finding jobs, and deal with the real world very soon. Sometimes I wonder if we actually live in Teletubbies world all this time. Nah it was a fun night. Watching my Event Module lecturer dance her way amongst the student and blinding disco lights was also an extraordinary experience.

Anyhow, I can’t wait for this week to be over with. At least with my papers submitted well and swell.




My Lady Cave










Boom there goes my face for ya.
Lady Cave is a term I learnt from a random Instagram comment to call your room. Just priceless.
Anyway it was a great fun pimping up my room here and alas!! My lady cave is now suited to my liking lol. I haven’t got my own room for like 6 or 7 years? (Always sleeps with Mum back home) So I think I’m just so excited to do things like this yikes.
A lot of stuffs from the room are from Amazon actually.
For example; the silly lady sign on the first picture is bought off this store. Brilliant stuffs. Never fails to make me smile every time i see it. Then the garland and white voile curtain which is only 5 pounds, great bargain one would say? And the fairy lights! All from the magical land of Amazon :D
I feel like my wall could use a little decoration on it, so I printed out my Quote of The Days doodle (this post) through a company called Inkifi. Super impressed by the quality of the printings and decided to print out some of my personal Instagram pictures to hang as well. Now my friends and dogs can watch me sleep every night. <3
Tuesday is so very peaceful today and thus this post came up. Oh yeah quiz time; does anybody know what song is the writings on my wall from? :p
That’s about all. Hope you enjoyed it and tell me what you lots think? :D
Bye bye! xx



Today I have to leave this old room of mine.
I’m still unsure about this new journey.

On the bus ride to the train station,
I text-messaged my friends.

At the station I tried calling someone,
But something felt different about it all.
All I brought with me was an old guitar,
Leaving the rest of my old life behind.

I take something and I get something,
I ponder that cycle in my heart.

I always try to hide my fears in my dreams.
When get afraid, I can’t seem to do anything.

I got on the train, it rushed away,
And I slowly started to cry.

Life in my town continued on outside.
I prayed that it’d never change.
The man who gave me my old guitar
Told me Tokyo is a scary place.

I’ve stopped looking for all the answers.
It’s okay to have some flaws.

Those grey skyscrapers blocked the setting sun.
Even if I endure these tears today,
Won’t tomorrow’s cold morning hold more doubt?

I can’t choose the right thing,
At least I know that much.


Thank The Old, Greet The New

It’s the tip of 2012, and here we are evaluating and rewinding back what this year has done and brought to us. 366 days have passed so very quickly that sometimes catching up with daily happenings in life is too much of a task.. You know how if you live each day with such great friends and happy thoughts the time passed in a flash? Me think so too.

Now that the fireworks and my blackberry broadcast messages are competing against each other, I would like to try to sum up what 2012 was about for moi.

Incredibly Grateful. is probably the most apt phrase to begin with the journey to the awesomeness of 2012. To start off, I am on my happiest days of my life right now. I’m as content as I can be, without anything to worry about (except for the slight setback regarding my school visa /sigh). But anyhow, if you refer back to the previous posts from this blog, I recorded mostly good things that has happened during the last 12 months. Whether it was foods, friends, concerts, and probably a little bit of setbacks that is inevitable.

I was able to watch not one, not two, not three, but four concerts this year. Which in one of it, I made precious new friends and memorable experience. Was also the year when I first shed tears on a concert. :)

In the rare opportunity of browsing, I found the way to live in Love  through the dailylove.com and tut.com and whole heaps of self motivate books. I love the sense of renewal living in positive brought you to. That’s one thing I’m taking to ’13 with me.

Being fortunate enough to go for Easter holiday and stepped my foot on Europe soil. Forever will remember the 3 weeks long holiday to lavish in all picture perfect sceneries.

Completed one chapter of my life by finishing internship in SingExpress Travel for one year. Truly a wonderful adventure with all it’s challenges and rewards.

Finally permed my hair on November, after all this time.

Entered the big Two this year, proudfully so.

Managed to find the way to continue my study, though it’s kind of hard to say I’m ready to go.. More on other time.

Friends. Girlfriends. Mom. Dad. Sachi & Michi. They are such a bless to be around. Mood lifter and ultimate source of joy.

Those are probably some quick round up of what’s really significant in the year. So many things I haven’t jolt down in my notes so I’m probably missing out heaps. :/ In essence, there’s a whole lot of thing to be thankful for. I’m thankful for the good and bad things that happens during this fruitful year. And I finally learn that on every day of the 366 days I open my eyes from my dream, there’s always, always, and always something to be grateful for. :)

Now, I’m home and comfortable in my bed, typing my little thoughts away tonight. I might not be able to see fireworks to start off my 2013, but it doesn’t mean my year is gonna be any less awesome! Set your mindset and look straight ahead! In a matter of minutes it’s going to be a fresh start, a fresh calendar, a fresh canvas for you to sketch whatever adventures you wish to have. :) It’s a new year!

Talk to you next year! :)



Moving On.. Next Is New.

There’s no doubting that I have lost a tiny bit discipline to write on the blog recently, and I just can’t justify why. I’ve had the greatest time for the last two/three months, so many laughters, good foods and amazing friends scurried around every day that maybe I forget a little to write things that matters. I’ve missed writing for my 2nd anniversary of living in Singapore, again too much fun with friends and Mom around. They fill my days with joys and rays of sunshine. No complaints here.

But what will happen from now on? It’s 5AM and I’m now sitting on the couch from my “home” for the last one and a half year, typing away things I think I should let out before I leave here for good. Yep. I’m leaving Singapore and going back to hometown in approximately.. 12 hours? And I haven’t got a blink of sleep. I don’t really care, though. Ha.

I finished my internship, finished my graduation ceremony, and said goodbyes to lots of places and friends. It’s getting really hard to move out of one’s comfort zone, no matter how uncomfortable it may seems like at times. I would sometimes lost the courage and sunk myself in the thoughts of  “Unable-ness”, just because I’m moving on to the next stage. The idea of what if my plans doesn’t goes along makes me numb and think of the worst situations. I’ve grown so accustomed to the life in Singapore I started to compare it to a lot of scenarios. I love this place in all its goods and bads. The pros and cons, the vibrant and bustling city life, the easiness of traveling here and there.. Oh so many things I can picture to miss a lot when I’m back home.

It’s funny that i recalled being in the same situation when I was 11, I moved from Jakarta to Medan. I’ve traveled in between the twos so I don’t really recall on which was my real home during times. So I was sitting at the plane, sticking my forehead at plane window and sobbed. The naive me asked Mom, “When I live in Jakarta, I wanted so bad to go back to Medan. But now that I’m on plane, I just want to stay here (cries) How is that possible?” I remembered Mom smiled and poked my head. She said that those feelings are called “greed”, the feeling of wanting best of both worlds in your hands and feeling satisfied when you have things your way. But you must always remember to thank God of whatever reasons that makes you want to stay in both places, don’t you think? It just proves that you enjoy your stay and you loved the experience and friends you made. So it was not something that will be gone once we took off the plane to other places. Things that you love and cherish will always resides in your heart, no matter where you are. True that, momsie.

It has been a tremendously amazing two years. It passed in a blink. It truly does. I am proud to say the last two year has been the most amazing years in my life. I matured a lot (at least I think I did), I gained a lot (it’s a given, i’m not even fighting it), I made a lot of amazing friends, I learnt heaps of things from experience and problems and I had a sip of life; living abroad and expanding my horizons in little red dot of Singapore. And I am always.always.grateful for my Dad to lend me a hand by giving me the opportunity. I’m one lucky, loved and happy daughter. :)

A lot of people asked me what’s next. What will happen after I finished the big round of adventure here. The answer is probably.. I strive for more. I kind of feel like there was not a lot of studying involved in the school that I attended. It was mostly basic lessons focused on daily manners and stuffs. Besides I graduated as a Diploma, and I figure why not just snatch the Degree while I’m still up for it? Which means I need to busy myself with lots of universities research when I’m back home. That would be my next. New chapter, new perspective; whole lot of things “new” I can’t wait to experience. So yeah, my adventure has barely ended yet. I am only starting a new canvas. Until then, I hope to still be able to update the page sooner or later. Just praying the internet works. Eeeep!

I love my life. To the tiniest, unhappy, uncomfortable and uncertain bits. And I am grateful today and hopefully tomorrows. :)

“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Good night. Good world.



The Big Two

Happy Birthday to me.


This year, I can probably say I celebrated my birthday one day earlier by going to the Universal Studios Singapore with friends. Best thing : Tickets cost $6. Best thing 2 : No queues. At all. For real. Best thing 3 : I RODE A ROLLER COASTER! I conquered the chicken side of me and positioned my butt on that red hot seat, and my world went all upside down. Literally freaking upside down, tossed and turned like a slab of bacon in a pan. But boy was it good. And I am proud to say I have rode an outdoor roller coaster (and will gladly do it again) on my teen days. On my very last (nine)teen  day, to be exact. I wonder what took me so long.

I was immensely grateful and happy yesterday, today and hopefully tomorrow. I am grateful of my friends, my girls, my family, my colleagues and every single one of my facebook friends whom a lot I do not recognize at all that takes a little out of their time    to type me well wishes.

Birthday makes you do a lot of thinking, rewinding and missing people. Thoughts like “Where/how/with whom did I celebrate my birthday years ago” “Oh my God has it really been so long” “I wish I can go back and hug those people again” etc etc. And I love how technology (re : facebook) brings up flocks of old friends to come and pop the refresh button in my head, and I just went all nostalgic with the fellow again. I guess that’s just one of the special stud about birthday; it gives you the chance to sip that cup of memories with some sprinkle of love and smiles.

Nineteen birthdays and I have only so much beautiful memories and fruitful setbacks.  Through the tides and turns of every event I was graced by the existence of my friends and family, whom I will never ever tire to say how grateful I am to have. I don’t have any significant other and to be frank; I hardly have the time to wish I had one. My life is already significantly awesome with the way it is, and I can’t even thank Universe enough for giving me what I have. I mean, I would probably take back whatever I have typed once I found someone. But I’ll take care of it later. I wanted to speak as of right now. As a genuinely happy twenty year old ladywoman who wants to try taking the world seriously, and promising herself to be a better person in and outside, and to thoroughly practice gratitude in every moments of life. Go!

This is the letter The Universe gave me today. :)

It’s so going to be my year! :))

Be blessed, lovely souls!