8:01 PM

It’s May and life has been fast forwarding itself too often these days. Spring seems to be short lived by summer with the ever increasing temperature. I love to be reminded of how the weather is amazingly gorgeous when it’s 8.30 PM and the sky is bright yellow by sunset. I once woke up from a nap at 9 and took a nasty express bath afraid of being late to lecture, only to realize it’s night time. Not that I’m complaining, 15 hours of sun is certainly a bliss to be grateful for.

Which is why I dread doing my work even more. It’s always the day when the sun shines so perfectly and you have to be locked down to your desk together with piles of paper, giving up the thoughts of laying down in green grass with soft ice cream in left and IQ 84 in right hand.

Wait. Did i just complain about assignments? Ooooh yes the day has finally come when I return to let my brain work ‘critically’. Admittedly a lot of things was not easy to deal with at first, sometimes I would just sigh and let my ego took the best out of me when the overwhelming task comes to view. But really though, was it that hard? I should be so lucky of the freedom we are allowed to adopt in creating the paper work. If anything, I’ll probably slam my own self for not starting early. Eh.

Yesterday was the last day of university for this term. And on the last day itself i learned that my uni doubles as a decent dance floor when an event took place. It was drunk fueled with people having fun and being emotional about their next term. How you should worry about your dissertations now, good luck in finding jobs, and deal with the real world very soon. Sometimes I wonder if we actually live in Teletubbies world all this time. Nah it was a fun night. Watching my Event Module lecturer dance her way amongst the student and blinding disco lights was also an extraordinary experience.

Anyhow, I can’t wait for this week to be over with. At least with my papers submitted well and swell.